Refer a friend & Partner Referral Programme

If you are happy with our service and want to refer your friends – why not earn yourself a little money too!

We have introduced a refer a friend scheme as so many of our clients hear about us through their friends. We thought it was about time we thanked you for advertising for us. You can also promote us on your website or on your social media pages (Facebook, twitter etc.) or even send your friends and email mentioning us, you could earn a little extra. We also view this as an alternative way to Build Gods Kingdom which will benefit other ministries too.

We have developed a very simple referral system that records how people find out about us and benefits those who refer us with excellent commission (or a charitable contribution to a charity of your choosing).

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Important notes: Choose a SHORT username. This will become the unique code that will be the end part of your unique tracking link.

How does refer a friend work?

You can become a referral participant by filling in the form above, this will give you your own exclusive tracking link. The link when clicked takes your friends to Heavenly partners home page, by doing this it enable us to log your referral. To give you an example:

Dillon has completed the form and is now a ‘referral participant’, he has also been given his exclusive tracking link. He also has his own website. He decides to set up a link on his website using his exclusive tracking link to Heavenly partners. He also uses Facebook and Twitter and decides to let his friends know about Heavenly partners though this too – once again using his exclusive tracking link to the Heavenly partners website. His friends and colleagues decide to click on this link and have a look at the Heavenly partners website. As soon as the link is clicked, the connection is made to Dillon. The connection is made back office and no names are released for obvious security and privacy reasons.

Let’s say that a month or so later, Dillon’s friend George decides to join Heavenly partners. As soon as he has joined and paid for his membership, Dillon is credited with his commission. If George decides to purchase and additional services too, for example; adding additional photos or booking an event, commission will also be paid and credited.

Who can become a Referral Participant?

Anyone! Regardless of whether you are an organisation or an individual it really doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to have been, or be a member.

What platforms can I use my exclusive link on?

* You really can put your exclusive Heavenly partners link anywhere online! If you have your own website or if you are affiliated with an organisation or church have one, it can be out on there.

* Any social media platform you are part of – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

* If you have your own blog, you can even put it on here!
* If you regularly send out emails whether they are personal or business, you can also pop the link within them.

I like the sound of this! How do I start?

It really is easy to get started. Fill in the form above and your exclusive tracking code will be emailed straight to you. You code will be valid immediately and you can get started spreading the word! You will also send you a couple of really useful emails which may help you get going.

Let’s talk money!

You will be rewarded a minimum of £30 upwards to a maximum of £150 depending on the membership level they choose. We also offer an excellent remuneration should they add any additional services. We don’t limit your earnings, the more of an advocate you are, the bigger the remuneration. If you would prefer not to benefit directly, you can choose a charity for your earnings to be donated to. You could even use the money help a friend to find their soul mate through us! It is your choice and, when and where you spend your money.

How can I see if my promotion of Heavenly partners is working for me?

Upon receipt of your exclusive tracking code you will also be able to log in to your Heavenly partners portal. When you log in, you are able to view the exact amounts you will be rewarded for each product. You are also able to see your earnings to date and plenty of ideas of how to be a good advocate. You can also find email templates and banners to help you.

I would like more information before I commit?

If you have any queries or questions on how this scheme works, our friendly team are more than happy to help. Please do give us a call on 015 314 997 and start earning today!

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