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If you’re looking for Christian Dating Advice online you’ve come to the right place. Not only are the authors here Christians but you’ll find this is tried and tested Christian Dating Advice written specially to help single Christians in their search for love.

We’ve found some we like and we hope you’ll like them too – many of them are written by relationship experts and are down to earth, good sound advice which are easy to read, sometimes fun and always thought provoking and will help you make the best of dating – whether you are a friendsfirst member or just getting out and about meeting people through the normal course of your life.

Most of it is common sense, but as we all know, common sense sometimes goes out of the window where affairs of the heart are concerned!

Alternatively you might prefer to watch one of our videos specially filmed to give you good solid friendship and Christian dating advice. Couples video testimonials.

Keep your love life going in the recession – by Katharine Gray

The views of a young Christian singleton

Are you making the most of where you live?

When being single just isn’t working for you – by Christine Atikeng

Are you doing your dating right? – by Cheryl Lewis

First date tips and tricks – by Marisa Pellegrino

Is your dating profile good…. or great? -by Rebekah Spicer

Make a great impression on a first date -by Steve Furlong

7 Safety tips for both online and offline dating -by Alison Edwards

Is a Christian date different to any other date? -by Katharine Gray

Fear of rejection! Letting others down gently if you don’t want to pursue a friendship with them -by Katharine Gray

Are your judgments about others affecting your future? -by Katharine Gray

Creating Amazing Relationships -by Victoria Vetere

Good relationships – the key to the heart of God -by Bruce Sands

Why do we have too many failed and unhappy marriages today -by Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo

What is love? -by Gila Manolson

Moving on after a relationship break – up – by Joi Sigers

How to survive and enjoy a blind date – by David Levine

Girls – the do’s and don’ts for a first date – by Jay Bauder

13 tips for writing a winning profile – by Alison Edwards

10 Tips for a safe and successful first date -by Roy Barker

The etiquette of dating -by Cheryl Lewis

Flirting and Body Language on a date -by Joe Markus

How to write a great letter that gets a response! -by Patricia Gilliam

Matthew 7:1 – Don’t judge others -by Katharine Gray

21 Great ideas for successful human relationships -by Rev Bill McGinnis

What men and women really want -by Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo

Maturity in prayer and in relationships -by Fr Ron Rolheiser

friends1st for Prince William and Kate Middleton – a lesson for us all  – by Katharine Gray

A Heavenly Partners rant and rave – not so much dating advice as life on the other side– by Katharine Gray

A Heavenly Partners day of rejoicing – by Katharine Gray

friends1st letter writing help

Make Room for Singles – by Marijke Hoek

Top tips for your 1st date– by Sarah Abel

Top Ten Ways to change your life

Friends and friendships – thought for the day – by Fr Brian D’Arcy

Pick the right photos to make the best first impressions – by Katharine Gray

14 days of love – St. Valentine’s Day 2012 – stories to warm your heart

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“Please could you cancel my membership of Friends1st, as I am now in a relationship” –

(Rebecca Tutor 43)

“very happy to be in a relationship with Dawn”

(Meirion divorced 57)

“I am writing to ask you to remove my profile from your mailing list – for the very best of reasons. The first person I contacted from the first set […]

(Margaret – Physio)

“friendsfirst gave me the courage to begin dating again – thank you for giving me the opportunity – I am now happily married.”

(Dorothy, Pharmacist)

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