Find some useful Christian dating links here:

www.biblecentre.org   Practical Christian living and interesting articles for today’s Christian
www.2wheeltreks.co.uk   Cycling holidays and short breaks for Christians: an ideal opportunity to meet new people, travelling as singles or in groups, for weekend or longer breaks, from the easy to challenging all with like-minded Christians.
www.christiansintouch.com   Keep in touch or get back in touch with Christians from former churches. You can even make new friends!
www.brf.org.uk   A fabulous range of books to help you with your spiritual journey
www.christian-teachers.org.uk   Support for Christians working in the Education sector
www.cmf.org.uk   Christian doctors fellowship
www.conductive-education.org.uk   The charity which we regularly support
www.aquilatrust.org   A fabulous organisation which helps men and ladies put their lives back together after a broken relationship, family breakdown or divorce. We would certainly recommend you contacting them if you are in this situation
www.eauk.org.uk   Evangelical Alliance
www.indcatholicnews.com   An online news service for Catholics
www.luthertour.com   Look at one of church history’s most important people
www.praylikethis.org.uk   A website dedicated as a resource for prayer


Useful links



Be Informed!

Discover the best ways to meet single Christians video-leadbait

“I find you lot very efficient if I may say, remarkable so in fact. It’s easy to lose heart doing something like this, but if the people who run it […]

(Rita, Homemaker)

“I have not renewed my membership this year. This is because I have started to see someone (who I met through you) regularly. It may be that the postal strikes […]

(Anne, Primary school teacher)

“I have found it very easy to contact you. Having contact with you really personalises your service. Your service is very friendly and supportive and has given me confidence. I […]

(Monica, University Lecturer)

“The service you have provided has been great – it’s led to a happy exchange of letters with several members followed by a relationship. So thank you for the help […]

(Anthony 65 General Assistant single)

Be Informed!

Discover the best ways to meet single Christians video-leadbait