How we match

Our provision of profiles to members is based on our matching philosophy of introductions which is simple yet effective

So let’s talk about How we match? Our biggest and prime concern when considering initially how we match members together is making sure we are able to provide you a large choice. We aim to give you as much choice as possible, based on years of both professional and personal experience, and is that more often than not, the most unlikely people end up in a successful relationship. This is further supported by expensive research by some of the larger matching agencies showing that when people are looking for a special person they come with a specific criteria of a, b and c. What they actually found is they often began a relationship with people who had the characteristics of c, d and e. The resulting factor is that often people’s ‘wish list’ is not always a perfect match for them and for this reason we don’t match members on their specific criteria e.g. interests, marital status, likes, dislikes etc. We make sure this information is offered in each individuals profile so that our members can make up their own minds about each person sent to them. This enables members to make their minds up on the information provided on a whole. Our only criteria is age, this eliminates someone who is 75 receiving a profile of a 25 year old and if you are 30, you will not receive a profile for someone who is 60 (unless you want to!). You are also in control of your age bracket and we recommend at least 5 years either side of your own age, however the larger the age bracket you select, the more profiles you will receive.

How we match and the success rate behind our matching philosophy

Our matching system is further supported by the large number of successful relationships and marriages by members who have met through us. In retrospect many of them would NOT have even had each other’s details had we taken in to account factors such as location, marital status, occupation, height, smoking etc. Many people who have been successful through us have at some point stated that they don’t want x and they are not willing to compromise, and then they have happily gone on to pursue a relationship or got married with a person who has x. Successful relationships are all about compromise and we have literally hundreds of examples of this – and although this is hard to grasp when you are at the early stages of ‘looking’, it is true. Ask your happily married friends and family and we’re sure they’ll agree.

Why do we it this way? Is straightforward really. Everyone has an image in their mind’s eye of who their perfect match would be, but that is all it is, a picture. It is a frame of mind. The change begins when you actually meet actual people, not just the profile on the paper, but the actual person that is there, in front of you and they have a trait that maybe they didn’t think to write in their profile e.g. They have impeccable manners, they are truly kind or just something that you can’t put your finger on that makes your heart pound and your stomach turn in to butterflies. This is when the prepossessed image you head of Mr or Mrs Perfect starts to blur and you realise that your image may be changing. We could put it really simply and in Disney terms, just think of ‘Beauty and the Beast’, it is only when Belle truly gets to know Beast that she falls in love and her first impressions are in the distant past.Based on all of the research, experience and knowledge that we have it means that we do not have a ‘computer’ limiting your options. It would actually be completely unfair of us to do this and when we think back, we would certainly not have been so successful with the relationships and marriages that have been created through us. On the flip side, you will receive a large number of profile who may not seem at all suitable at first glance. But you should always remember that a profile is only a snap-shot that person and it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story of who that person actually is.

Our profiles

The heart of our organisation is our members, and the profile we write for you is unique and can be updated at any time. Your profile forms the basis of how you come across to other members.

We have two types of profile.. They don’t affect how we match our members together but definitely affect how contacts who!

A Standard Profile – this profile is written based on the answers you give on your application form. We tie together all of your answers, keeping as much of the terminology you use as this will reflect a much truer picture of who you are. We try not to use our words otherwise might end up sounding the same!

An Enhanced profile – This entails an half an hour structured telephone interview with you, discussing your life, your interests, and beliefs. This then enables us to write a much more informed and comprehensive profile for you, still using your terminology to reflect the real you. This enhanced profile tends to make members really stand out from the crowd.

You can see an example below of how the two different profiles look and the type of information they may include. Each membership offers a minimum of two profile photo’s with the option of having up to six. Should you wish to include all six photos, this then enables you to reflect more of the person that you are and will really help make your profile stand out. Many people do include photos however there are a few who don’t but it is entirely your choice.

Example of a standard profile

Name: Margaret, from Co. Down
Height: 5 ft 3 inches Tel: xxxxx – xxxxxx
Build: Slim Email: xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Nationality: Irish Box Number: xxxx
‘Margaret’ grew up on the lovely North coast, not far from the Giants Causeway. She studied in Belfast and taught there for several years. She subsequently married and lived in several parts of the UK and abroad. After raising her 3 children she returned to full time work. ‘Margaret’ is now divorced and has been back in Ireland over 10 years and lives in Co. Down. ‘Margaret’ attends a Church of Ireland church and her faith in God means everything to her. She describes herself as kind, hard-working, friendly and creative. ‘Margaret’ enjoys reading, cooking, walking and keeping fit, spending time with friends, following current affairs, cinema and theatre. She dislikes prejudice of any kind and marmite! ‘Margaret’ would like to meet someone who knows and loves God, with kindness and generosity of spirit and the ability to communicate feelings. She says she’s been told that she has a lovely smile so remember “when Irish eyes are smiling”. How we match standard profile


Our enhanced profile service

In the profiles below we show you how Anthony’s profile looked as a standard profile and then how it read as an enhanced profile.
Enhanced profiles are not always necessarily longer, although they may be in some instances.

The Standard Profile

Name: William, Age 47 from Northern Ireland
Height: 5 ft 11 inches  Tel: xxxxx – xxxxxx
 Build: Average Email: xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Nationality: British Box Number: xxxx
William has two brothers and sisters and grew up in Ireland. After University he qualified as a teacher and has worked as an auctioneer volunteer and as an estate agent and also a teacher. He also runs his own business selling ice cream and sweets. William attends a Presbyterian Church and is keen on his faith. He is a lay preacher. William describes himself as philosophical, positive, straight talking and an intelligent maverick. He enjoys furniture making, all sorts of cars, biblical archeology and music. He dislikes dogs, alcohol and cigarettes. William would like to meet someone who fears the Lord who has a positive mind and a can do attitude.  William would like to have children. How we match enhanced profile

The Enhanced Profile

Name: William, Age 47 from Northern Ireland
Height: 5 ft 11 inches  Tel: xxxxx – xxxxxx
 Build: Average Email: anthony1234@HeavenlyPartners.ie
Nationality: British Box Number: xxxx
William was brought up on a farm with his two brothers and two sisters in the countryside in Northern Ireland. He attended an integrated school and completed his A-levels, then he attended the Queen University, Belfast where he qualified to become a teacher. He then worked as an Auctioneer volunteer and an Estate Agent before becoming a full-time teacher of technology and construction. He also runs his own thriving business manufacturing Ice-cream and sells it alongside sweets in traditional sweet shop.William was saved at 16 years old by God and believes God has never left him since. He attends a Presbyterian Church and describes his faith as the substance of all things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Feeling the presence of God is very important to him, and he also values good manners, straightforwardness and honesty. “A faith in the immortal, invisible, God only wise, in light accessible hid from my eyes. All laud I would render, and God helped me to see tis only the splendour of light hideth thee.”He describes himself as a philosophical, positive, straight talking, intelligent Maverick. He likes cabinet and furniture making, good quality cars, design, architecture, London antiques and collectables. He also enjoys poetry by Irish authors and listening to classical music, all types including Ennio Morricone and Andre Rieu. He dislikes smoking, dogs, people who are two faced, laziness and “cyclists who think they own the road and ride through red lights!” He does not drink alcohol.William would like to marry and have children. The lady he is looking for is someone with a positive mind, a can do attitude, a go ahead girl and a problem solver! “Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain: But a woman that feareth the LORD she shall be praised.” How we match enhanced profile How we match enhanced profile


How to be the One

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“May I take this opportunity of thanking all the members of your team for keeping me regularly informed of profiles etc. I think your service is very good ”

(Jo, Accountant)

“Thank you for encouraging me to increase my age range. If I hadn’t done that we’d have never met”

(Val 61 retired)

“What a lovely surprise to receive a birthday card from you kind folks!! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness – I really appreciate it very much”

(Maureen, Civil Servant)

“I’ve tried so many agencies but had no success at all.  I’m going to rejoin you now because your service was much more personal.”

(Ruth, Novelist)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!