“My membership of friendsfirst gave me the confidence to get up, get out and meet new people – and eventually to my meeting someone really special that I have clicked with. I am very grateful to you.”

(Peter, Community Support Worker)

“I’ve been recommending you to people.”

(David, Sales Advisor)

I am really encouraged by your information, the folder and everything. I really like your request in the literature that everyone should be courteous, and reply to any contacts made, even if not interested. I am very impressed.

(Tony 65 Divorced)

Since I Joined your agency in June, I am pleased to say that I am glad I did.  As it is  my first time of joining a dating agency I was a bit hesitant.  However, your team have been very very efficient.   I will gladly recommend your agency to any friends who might need it. Kind regards, and Thank you.

(Agatha member Caterham)

I decided to take the plunge because I would like to have my own husband who is a Christian and would like to devote his attentions toward me and me to him and also share the same kind of work/projects for souls. I simply am refusing to be unmarried any longer. I truly believe God has a good man for me who will like me. I joined because I saw the nice and very encouraging testimonies from friends first. My friend has had a good experience of dealing with yourselves too and recommended friends 1st. I am not going to another wedding except 1 more then my own, because each time I go to a wedding I have to be escorted by someone whom I have no plans for the future with and they are not of the same faith/unequal yoked This to be candid is very exhausting! Then finally having past friends who think they were friends, who are married and they leave you out most of the time and forget you and use you when they are down or alone not good food for thought but this has been my experience…I never thought about it much before, until now…Having joined you and spoken to Lizzie who was amazing I am now hopeful for myself that things will change because they need to change so my life reflects more of what I believe God has in store for me. I now believe for the first time in my life that God really has got better for me rather than my own best which so far has amounted to no husband and not the life I always hoped for. I am believing against all the odds that God is going to do a miracle for me in 2015/2016 and that Lizzy will be a witness to my marriage in the coming year. I believe in my own miracles even though many have given up on me over the years. “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” also god gave me as a prophesy from a pastor on two separate occasions Deuteronomy 28:1-16 then many months later…Isaiah 14:30. I would recommend this to individuals and a few reliable friends… who are serious about finding a life partner…also for those who might find it a challenge because of their past  – which could be both physical and spiritual even though they are emotionally stable it can be hard because just sometimes one does not know how, plus not being equipped – (the reason why):-  to find a decent man or woman from within/outside of the circles they frequent. The bible is classic in showing how god used others to help others’ to find a wife…at the right time.

(Charmaine London)

“I’m not a happy clappy Christian – I’m the opposite. I’ve had very few times in my life when the Holy Spirit told me something, but when I got your letter I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and I knew (joining friends1st) was for me. I felt this special presence for the first time since I was young. I absolutely know this is right for me. I’m feeling very positive about it. I found your brochure very very friendly and loved the way it opened up.”

(Tony 65 Divorced)

“I have enjoyed being in friendsfirst and although I haven’t met the man of my dreams it has been a positive experience all round and I do recommend the agency to others. I am looking forward to my next set of profiles.”

(Carolyn, Education officer)

“Thank you for all the information you have sent me over the last year it has been very helpful. I found Heavenly Partners a great way to  find new friends and I would recommend you to my friends. Thank you for everything and I pray that God will bless you as a company and thatfriendsfirst will continue the brilliant work.”

(Elizabeth, Forecourt Supervisor)

“My compliments on a fantastic site. It’s very refreshing to come across a dating site that exhibits true Christian, biblical foundations.”


‘I looked at lots of different agencies before I joined friendsfirst but I definitely made the right decision in joining. Its very good – no it’s a fantastic service and I’m very pleased with it. I have started seeing another members and we’re enjoying getting to know each other. The whole way the system works, the kind of information you put out is fantastic. It’s a very safe way to get to know people, and I’ve been selling it to all my friends.”

(Rachel, Catering Supervisor)

“Firstly let me congratulate you on your excellent newsletter. About two years ago I cancelled my membership of Heavenly Partners not thinking I would ever try again so I didn’t even know I was still on your mailing list. The Newsletter came just as something I had devoted a lot of time and effort to over the past two years had come to an abrupt end. I felt a bit bereft and the future appeared to stretch away bleak and empty. Hearing from you at that precise moment seemed to be the Lords’ timing and so after much heart- searching I’ve decided to subscribe again. The organisation seems to have come a long way since I first contacted you and I’m encouraged by the number of older people figuring in your collection of testimonies.”

(Christine, Editorial Assisant)

“I am sorry I do not have my number at hand. Please can you take my profile off any mailings. I am now in a wonderful relationship though eHarmany but it could have so easily been through friends first. I thank you for all your help. I have been writing to Alex a Methodist Lay Minister since Christmas and we have spent some time together this half term. Please can you remind me how to stop payments from my bank account. I understand it probably will not be until October? I do hope that I will not be needing friends first again ….but if I had to….I would rejoin. Thank you for giving me my self esteem back. Yours

(Jane single 46)

“I am so pleased with the service you have provided that I have written an article about you in my local church magazine.”

(Peter, Civil Servant)

“I’ve use the principles I learnt from my membership with Heavenly Partners in other situations I’ve found myself in. The things I have learnt whilst a member where very useful and my membership with you has been very beneficial.”

(Johathan, Driver)

After being on a popular Christian dating site it became apparent to me that perhaps it was not so ‘ Christian ‘ after all. I took a step back and found Heavenly Partners immediately I knew it was different I liked the fact that it is Christian based and u can take things slowly. I was also pleased that u r guided through the process and everyone is so friendly. More importantly there is the personal touch which is invaluable. If u r sceptical and perhaps feeling jaded like me give Friends 1st a call and you wont be disappointed. I now feel relaxed and confident. My only regret is I wish I had found them sooner….THANKYOU.


“I think you do a wonderful job – the diversity of people on your books is amazing. It’s great that you’ve found a system that can work for all of us’


I have decided that I won’t be joining Heavenly Partners again as I want to remain single but I still think that you are doing an amazing job as there have been so many success stories, so keep up the good work!

( Margaret 70 Scotland)

I am resigning my membership from friendsfist. I have been more than satisfied with the help by phone, and with the many profiles which I have received. It is a first class organization and I will not hesitate in recommending you to any of my friends who I feel could benefit from your excellent service. I am now in a relationship, so thank you for your excellent service. Good luck and thank you for being there to help. God Bless

(Barry 70 widowed)

Dear Katharine. I just want to thank you for your emails.  I am not a member of Friends First but have perused the site a few times.  My husband and I have been through a very difficult time after I found out about his affair. He left our home many times over two years. Each time I forgave him because I believed, and still do, that he had a break down, a mid life crisis, whatever he was not himself.  The whole nightmare knocked me off my feet and left me reeling.  Now,  a few months on and with tremendous support from my family and friends I am recovering and becoming the girl I used to be.  Unknowingly, your part in my recovery has been vital because it showed me that there was a way out, there are people who actually care, there are successful relationships. I have realised that I am important and worth something and I can only save my life no matter how hard I try to take responsibility for others’ happiness. So thank you so much for your correspondence, it kept me afloat.

(Maria )

Hi Katharine, thankyou for your many encouraging E mails. I am not able to enrol with you at this time due to circumstances in my life ,but if the way opens at some point to do so yours would be the agency i would choose .You are a truly caring Christian agency which i would recommend. May The Lord bless you in your work . Every blessing

(John 57 Enquirer)

“I heard about your agency through my best friend who is extremely satisfied by your service”


“My membership has been of great value to me. Thank you so much. Just from meeting all the people I have done, I have found my confidence has really increased. I will definitely renewing my membership.”

(Margaret, Secretary)

“I was talking to an acquaintance on a ramble about the difficulties of going on holidays as a single woman and the problems of linking up with a suitable companion and all that that entails. She informed me about your group and that she goes on holiday with you and has a relaxing break without pressure or commitment. She kindly gave me your address. I would love to know more about you and perhaps join with a view for next year as I have used all my holiday up till next April. I am a 55 year old female midwife with grown up children.”

(Sheila, Midwife)

Dear Katherine I’m happy to share my journey so far. I have joined Friends First in the past so I felt happy to rejoin. I wasn’t sceptical took the plunge again after some considerable thought and prayer and encouragement from my friends ‘to have another go’. I was sent out of the blue some money from a friend who didn’t know about my decision but felt it right to send me some money. I was bowled over by this as it was nearly enough for my years subscription. Within the space of a few days I recieved a large red envelope from Friends First. Again I was amazed as I didn’t know you had my address but it proved further confirmation that I was doing the right thing. I rang and had a chat with Jake who was helpful and then I spoke with Rachel who did my profile. I’m feeling positive and excited about the future. Yes I would recommend your service. With kind regards

(Ruth 66 Eastleigh)

“I’ve been with lots of other organisations – I’ve got to say that friendsfirst is more for me. I like the way the profiles are done. Please renew my membership.”

(Michael, Chartered Accountant)

“Your service is friendly, discreet and easy going.”

(Kate, Church pastoral worker)

“I will recommend friendsfirst to single friends when I get the chance. I think it is a very valuable organization and the events you have organised sound a great idea”

(Valerie, Dental Hygienist)

“I have been meaning to write to you. First to praise God and to thank friendsfirst. Since Auguest of 2004 Margaret and myself have (first making contact by letter, then meeting each other in October) been going out with each other. The writing was an excellent way of communication that I would strongly recommend. Thank God our relationship continues to grow and we are at this present time talking about marriage. Thank you again for all your help.’

(Brian, Own business)

“Good Morning Katharine,   I have this morning received your letter thanking us for our continuing support. Firstly I would like to introduce myself as a point of contact at here at the  Cathedral. Secondly after reading your letter I felt compelled to tell you what wonderful work I think you’re doing. I think you are completely right that people have re-prioritised their lives and once again family and companionship comes first, as it should.  As a young mum myself I am all too aware what a lonely place the world can be and I think that so many other young mums could benefit from this service. Allthough I have a fantastic family, a doting fiancé and amazing friends I still felt incredibly lonely after having my little girl and I am certain others feel the same. Allthough not everyone is lucky enough to have the support network.  Anyway I just wanted to say that I think friendsfirst does a brilliant job and all credit to you.”

(Margaret – Finance Administrator)

“Your staff always seem polite and helpful. Please accept my renewal’

(Ruth, Care assistant)

“There are a number of members that I have enjoyed speaking with – what is so noticeable is the over-riding politeness and sincerity that comes over.”

(Kate, Teacher)

“Your service is excellent and the quality of people who join you are super. I’ve met some lovely people. I regard friendsfirst as a top quality introduction agency.”

(Philip, Technical Sales Manager)

‘Thank you for your continual good service and encouragement. I am glad to say that after much deliberation and prayer I have decided to renew.

(Jenny, Teacher)

‘My best wishes to the team in the excellent work you are doing to help single Christians’

(Jeanne 80 Widowed)

“I’ve joined a variety of online organisations with no luck. I joined Guardian soulmates and it was like shopping for ballet shoes in a hiking boot shop. I’ve really wasted my money and am so pleased now to have found you.”

(Emma, University Lecturer)

“I can recommend you to friends because if they were tentative about internet dating, this is a much gentler way of meeting people’.

(Heather, Local Government worker)

“I’ve wasted a lot of time trudging through many online sites. They seem good on the surface but have their limitations – I’ve finally decided to do this properly which is why I’ve joined friendsfirst.”

(Christine, IT support analyst)

“Joined, it’s been brilliant”

(Richard )

‘I would not like to renew my membership – I am with a partner now – thank you to yout fabulous organization, you are very very helpful and I have recommended you to other people’

(Barry 70 widowed)

“Thanks for your newsletter. I was greatly encouraged and got the strong impression that friendsfirst really wants to help people like me, and I’m so glad it is working for so many of your members.”

(Carolyn, Occupational Therapist)

“I’ve done so well – I’ve had that many enquires to my profile – the phone hasn’t stopped ringing – I’m so pleased with all the correspondence I’ve received. I’m really amazed and just so pleased with what you have done.”

(Peter, Retired)

“Thank you for what you are doing. It’s a real encouragement to know that there is someone out there who cares so much about single people in the church.”

(Ellina, Town Planner)

“Keep up the good work.”

(Peter, Vicar)

‘’I do think your agency is the best one around.’’


Thank you for you email. I was looking at your website  for help but weirdly I met someone  this weekend. I am very faithful to meet just 1 person at the time. I need to wait and see what future holds with this person because he is very special. But just in case things won’t go well , I will for sure contact you again. Thank you for your professional and kind approach. I am very impressed with your business and for sure the only one I would believe and trust my heart and life. God Bless you all.

(Ariadne enquirer London)

“I’m so pleased I took the initiative to join friendsfirst.”

(Tracey, Solicitor)

You and your team are doing an amazing job!


“From the first set of profiles I met with Sue and since then things have moved fast. We have continued to see each other and last November we got engaged and are to be married in October. Both of us know that we would not have met were it not for friendsfirst putting us in touch with each other. Joining friendsfirstwas the best thing we’ve ever done. From the very beginning it was as though we were meant to be together, we seemed to click from the very first time we spoke to each other. Since that first meeting over and over again we have had confirmation that our relationship is right for us. We would both like to thank you and friendsfirst for literally bringing us together. We have found your service invaluable and would certainly recommend others making contact with you. The profiles were extremely helpful In helping us know who we might contact. Thank you for your vision for friendsfirst. The fee has been the best investment of money we have both made. It is with pleasure that we will not be renewing our membership but hope that you continue to go from strength to strength. God bless you in your work”.

(Colin, Vicar)

‘I would love to re-join friendsfirst for a further year and I have enclosed my payment. Many thanks for all your hard work – please don’t stop!’

(Rebecca, Business Woman)

I joined Heavenly Partners a couple of years ago as I was not meeting single women of my age bracket. I was not sceptical of joining as dating agencies are now common place. While I was a member I found the organisation very efficient and helpful and I had quite a few dates and really made an effort.
However as I had no experience of dating agencies when my membership expired I decided to try a different agency. It was then that I was able to make a comparison and realised how good Heavenly Partners really was and that is why I have just rejoined. When I rung to rejoin the member of staff that I spoke to was very helpful however later that day I received e-mails about joining which confused me but Katherine rung and cleared my doubts. I am looking forward to trying again and because of the increase in staff the organisation is even better. I want to make new friends and maybe find a partner.
For the reasons above I would highly recommend Heavenly Partners to anyone looking for that someone ‘special’.


I think the way FF works is good in that it sends out a good number of varied profiles, you really encourage people to contact one another and respond to those contacts, also the article  in the magazine you sent out explaining why you send profiles of people who don’t necessarily tick the boxes of what people are looking for was VERY helpful, if you had asked me if i would have picked the girl I’m now seeing I would have said NO, but she is a lovely godly women.

(Darren 42 Hereford)

“I would certainly recommend you esp. for people like me in their later years. Yours is a very good agency – very reliable – it’s as it’s name implies – friends first


Dear Katherine, Thank you for your encouragement. In matters of my sociality, I lack confidence and therefore drive to get things done, and having some time ago looked at dating agencies I knew these were so far from the Christian ethos as to be outside of my scope. It was only when my Vicar and a friend pointed out that not all agencies were the same – an obvious conclusion one might think, but my experience was that agencies are mostly the same! The Church suggested Friends 1st and because of the references, I decided to give it a go for a year. I knew if I paid monthly, I would probably give up after the second month, so decided to make a year long financial commitment; it’s a short time in a lifetime! Having just joined the company of friends, it is too early to judge the effectiveness of this process. I have a profile and have supplied some photos and have registered for a lunch or dinner in December. It is also too early to say that I would be able to recommend your services, I need to have more experience of the services, but to date the experience is good and I would be able to say I have used the company and been encouraged by Katherine in particular. Kind regards,

(Adrian 66 London)

After my wife’s death and a period of grieving, a verse of Scripture came into my head: Genesis 2:18.  ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.’  I certainly did not want to be without a wife for the rest of my life.  I had seen a small advertisement for Friends First in a magazine that I subscribe to and noted that it is an organisation for Christians, which was very important to me.  I had no experience of dating since my teens, let alone dating agencies, but felt that joining was the right thing to do.  Nothing ventured….as they say. I did look at other web sites but came back to Friends First because it is a Christian organisation.  I spoke to a very helpful lady on the telephone who helped my decision and then I joined on line. I was immediately bombarded with ‘helpful’ emails, some of which were actually helpful.  Also with optional extras that were very expensive and which I did not feel I needed.  My level of membership included a professional photographic session which was local and very good indeed.  All members should have one. I have so far received two sets of profiles.   have been surprised how many ladies have contacted me, either by email or by phone.  So many in fact that I have not had the need to make initial contacts myself.  In most cases I have had to reply gratefully and graciously but decline further communication. I have met one charming lady a few times and we are now good friends.  I met another who did not resemble her profile or photograph any longer.  (I enjoyed the dinner at least.)  And I have  a meeting with another member scheduled.  There could have been more meetings if I had the time. I am beginning to feel that there will be a successful end to my journey, though I don’t know when.  In this as in all things my rule is ‘Thy will be done’. I would recommend others to try Friends First if you are a sincere and honest Christian and are seeking the same.  Don’t expect an instant result and be prepared to put some time and effort into building relationships. Rather an honest viewpoint and not a whitewash, but I hope this is useful.  Please do not edit the script without my permission. Regards,

(John 71 Dunstable)

“I am writing to say thanks for my membership with friendsfirst. You have always acted in a highly professional manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. You have been both kind and courteous and I am honoured to have been a member of your organisation.”

(John,Travel Agent)

‘I’ve met some wonderful people so far – everyone is really lovely. I’m absolutely delighted. I am recommending you really highly to everyone I meet. I have met someone whose profile you sent me and it’s going really really well. We are taking things very slowly, have become very good friends and are listening to God for the future. I just can’t thank you enough.”

(Margaret, Student)

“Please find enclosed my cheque for the renewal of my membership. I have been in contact with some very interesting people during my membership and I look forward to another year as a member of friendsfirst.”

( Kathleen, Psychotherapist)

“You have been a lifeline. You’re doing a good job and your magazine is excellent.”

(Alywyn 72 Retired Teacher)

I am really impressed with the way you do things at Friends first, when in opened the letter and my top tips book I said wow! I really appreciate the information and the support.

(Catherine 52 Divorced)

It really , really and really was a great-pleasure being a member of Heavenly Partners and on my part , I’ve got to date more and apply all that knowledge you’all sent me so far since I joined you’all

(Leandro 39 single)

“I promised I’d let you know how things are going – all I can say is very very well – both Peter and I are very happy. My friend is now going to join on the strength of what’s happened to me. Thank you for your skilful profile. It just uncovers the beginning!”

(Rose, Tutor)

I had resisted the idea of online dating ever since my divorce a few years ago, but I recently heard about Friends First. Here was a different way of meeting people without all the pressure of “instant romance”, and also I liked the idea that the staff take the trouble to speak to people by phone to really try and get to know who they are and what they are needing from a special person they may hope to meet. Everyone who tries this has been through a difficult time in one way or another, and it is good to be met with sensitivity and understanding. I am just starting out on this journey, but I have been pleased with the communication and support I have had so far. I recommend giving Friends First a try! –


“Please find my renewal payment. I would like to thank you for an enjoyable first year with friendsfirst. My queries were always dealt with promptly and courteously. I wish you continued success”

(Lyn , Phsychotherapist)

“I’m so glad your organisation is going so well. It’s the best one out there. Your very good at getting people who are serious. I got a wife and 2 friends with you in 4 months.”

(Peter 70 teacher)

“Your organisation stands out a mile from the others – it has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve met some really lovely ladies including June who is an absolute treasure”

(Andrew, Analyst)

“Thank you for my membership – I have met some nice people through it. I am happy to recommend friendsfirst to Christian friends.”

(Ian, Vicar)

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“I really appreciate the personal contact from you and the fact that you ring me. That’s really good.”

(Jo, Teacher)

“Thank you for patiently listening to and discussing, my request for a few alterations to the draft enhanced profile which was, in any case, very well put together.”

(David, Housekeeping Assistant)

“It seems you do a wonderful service and we pray that it may continue, God Bless you and your work”

(Father Alphege Stebbens o.s.b.)

I have been enjoying receiving your selection of profiles. The one on March 1st 2010 was sad, because I read you were recovering from a broken ankle. I never forget […]


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