Relationship and Dating Coaching

When you are embarking on a journey to find your soul mate, it can be a very thrilling time that’s why the Relationship and Dating Coaching is for you. The most common problem that most people have is that they really don’t know how to go about it, there is so much to consider! When you begin your journey we are sure you will be full of questions and sometimes it feels good just to have someone to sound out ideas with. We offer the relationship and dating coaching for every type of person whether you are new to dating or not. We have a wonderful team of relationship coaches who have a wealth of experience, both of their own and the many people they have helped in the past. Each of the people they have helped in the past can vouch for the huge difference it can have to have your own coach. A person to give advice, to guide you in the right way, discuss where you may be going wrong and give you a little push in the right direction. The are able to look at your situation impartially and keep you motivated and feeling positive. They are also able to celebrate your achievements with you but at the same time not let you take you eye off the ball. If you are reading this page, then it means you are looking to move forward and if you work with a personal coach, you can expect:

  • We will encourage you to make time for you and to look at what you really want
  • A person who will support you whilst challenging you and motivating you
  • A personal approach and safe environment to talk about issues and ideas
  • Construction of an achievable action plan that you are to be accountable for
  • Commitment to helping you achieve your personal goals
  • Providing a fresh approach to problem areas

We will not guarantee that working with our relationship coaches will provide you with your soul mate, what we will guarantee is that it will help you focus your efforts and challenge you. Working with our coaches will certainly increase your opportunities to find your soul mate and increasing your friendship circle.

Our relationship coaches are positive in their own outlook on life and this naturally spreads to others, they take a great deal of satisfaction out of being able to help others open up their lives, become more goal driven and improve their life overall.

As part of our memberships, we include one relationship and dating coaching call which can be taken at any point during your membership, the time allocated will vary depending on your membership level. If you feel that you would find more coaching sessions beneficial, you are able to book these separately in our membership enhancements section. We will also call you regularly throughout your membership to see how you are getting on and whether you are being proactive at all. We will challenge you and we help pick you up when you are down and celebrate any successes you have.

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Relationship and Dating Coaching



7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait

“Your ‘Top Tips’ book is well put together and very useful to someone who has been out of the dating game for a while”

(Joy, Translator)

I’ve been enjoying reading the 7 deadly sins very helpful.

(Emma 45 single)

Really liked the advice in the Top Tips Book – wished he had come across it a long time ago!

(James 48 Bantry)

“Good advice and guidance”


7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait