The Finding Someone Special Tool Kit

“Surefire Methods of Finding and Keeping Your Someone Special”

“The Finding Someone Special Tool kit is the best, most useful
set of resources available in Ireland which enable single Christians
to think properly about their future and deepest dreams,
to do the right things – in the right order – and to do them in the right way
so that they are properly equipped to take their personal life to where they want it to be”

Be attractive to more people;
Find a relationship that will last a lifetime;
Be truly happy with these super-powerful, time tested methods

In today’s age, joining a dating agency is considered a completely normal thing to do. However, becoming part of an introduction agency who will help you find your soul mate is something different entirely. How can find your soul mate when you may not have the right skills, have the right mental attitude or the correct knowledge to be able to do so and make the most of the interactions that you are provided with.

Finding Someone Special Toolkit

Finding Someone Special

Do you know how to make the right first impressions? It is easy to wonder how other people appear to do this easily and oozing with confidence are successful. These people never appear to have a shortage of dates and very often end up meeting the right person for them whilst you look on and wonder how they do it! There are steps you can take from learning how to be more confident, how to put yourself in the right situations and how to deal with those situations when you are in them. We know we are making it sound simple and we also know how daunting it can be for some people. Sometimes, some of what they do is common sense, but very often it just seems far too obvious for it to work.

After 14 years of experience, guiding and coaching (many more now!), Katharine decided to put all of her wisdom, learning and experience in one place and created the ‘Finding Someone Special Toolkit’. This is a comprehensive guide and resource to the art and science of finding your soul mate. It is relevant to all, whatever your background, marital history or age. We guarantee within this HUGE practical toolkit full of essential learning that you will find at least one section that will help you along your journey to achieving your relationship goals. YOU deserve happiness and every section is tried and tested – it WORKS!

Here’s what you’ll get in the ‘Finding Someone Special’ tool kit:

The Finding Someone Special Toolkit will teach you:

* Where most people dating today go wrong and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you

* What do you need to do daily to get where you want to be?

* How to make sure you are a ‘human magnet’!

* How to make a successful contact – the 7 secrets revealed

* Meeting the type of people you want to meet – and how to go about it

* The 21 most common dating mistakes

* Turning a negative response to your advantage

* Finding your soul mate – What the Bible has to say

* 10 date destroying things and how to avoid them

* (men only) Is she ready to be kissed?

* (women only) How do you keep your man coming back for more?

* Focussing on yourself

* Perseverance is the key to success – learn the art and make it work for you

The Finding Someone Special toolkit is a learning tool but will not work without commitments and change. You need to be able to recognise you might be going wrong and be willing to try the tried and tested methods it contains. As the saying goes ‘if you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got’.

This is a step by step guide showing you how to contact people, it even has pre-written templates & ideas ofhow to correspond to invite a good response. Rather than breaking out into a cold sweat about what on earth you might write – we have taken the hard work out of it. Here is an example of the types of templates we have:


Here are some of the templates included in the ‘Finding Someone Special’ tool kit (you will easily be able to personalise any of these letters and emails to your own situation within 3 minutes – guaranteed!)

* A letter for making the first contact when you have received a profile

* A response letter when someone else had written to you

* A follow up letter when you have not received a reply to your first letter

* A postcard template

* Did you meet someone at an event? Here’s a template for a letter to them

* An email template for your first contact when you have received someone’s profile

* A letter template to ask someone on a date

* A letter template following a successful date

* An email response to someone who has contacted you

* An email response declining any further contact

* A Letter response declining any further contact

* A telephone ‘script’ for first contact once you have received someone’s profile

* Example text messages for someone you have not contacted before

* Example text message repose to someone who has contact you or have been in contact with

It will not matter how old you are, what your marital status is or your background, you will find these templates easy to use and enable you to build more successful relationships, make lots of friends and get you dating! It won’t matter how bad you are at writing letters or how shy you are, by using these templates we will help you get to your goal.

Within the chapters of the Finding Someone Special toolkit, there are sections which enable you to set goals, give you some recommended reading material and review the action points.

By using the toolkit we have taken the hard work out of dating, we have thought of everything to make dating easier for you and to make sure your prayers are answered when you find your perfect soul mate.

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“The FSS product includes some of the best Christian literature I have ever read. If you don’t want to remain single, then get this product – God will use it to move you forward”


“I’m so pleased I decided to purchase the Finding Someone Special tool kit. The content is excellent. It’s things you wouldn’t always be aware of that are brought to your attention and it’s very handy to have pointers”


“There are things you push to the back of your mind that you don’t pay a lot of attention to and I see now how I’ve gone wrong in the past. It has really reaffirmed my thinking. I realise I need the templates. I thought they would be useful to find a starting point and they have been. They’ve helped me get going writing letters and emails. It all makes complete sense and I can see it will keep affirming me to do what I want to do.”


“It covers things you don’t normally think about, and was most useful”


“Thank you for the Finding Someone Special tool kit – I have been studying it all with great interest – it is most helpful.”


“The Finding Someone Special product is really excellent, thank you.”


“Your Finding Someone Special tool kit is good. I have found all the content interesting, unbiased, open and encouraging. They are wise words. The passage about ‘moving forward ourselves’ in Module Eight was particularly good. I think it is the advice to persevere which stays with one.”


“I am a disciple of the Finding Someone Special tool kit. Since I purchased it, I have amassed a lot of learning and I find I can keep dipping into from time to time on a refresher basis. It is really fantastic for dating, and even as a life skill, it’s really excellent, thank you. It can be very tempting to want to fill the silence when meeting someone for the first time. When that happened to me recently, as a result of what I had learnt in the product, I found that I was quite relaxed about the silence, started to enjoying the scenery and not having to make forced conversation made for altogether easier meeting.
The information on assessing others has been very useful – it seems pretty obvious but in each case I have found something different to what I first thought on first reading. The guidelines here definitely make a difference and the advice about my own profile is spot on. We all need it for sure!”