OpentoGod – Deepening Your Faith

While Looking for Love

“The Most Important Resource that Committed Christians Looking for Love should possess”

Learn how God can enlighten you on a deeper level

Listen and interpret what God has to say about your future

Learn how to go forward once you have found a deeper inner peace

Looking to find your soul mate as a Christian should be completely different for committed Christians than for people who have no faith. That’s because as Christians we have a relationship with the living God and letting him speak into our lives and direct them is the wisest thing we can do. We should be OpentoGod.

But when it comes to looking for and finding a relationship, letting God into this area of our lives (being OpentoGod) can be really hard. For starters we don’t receive much teaching about it in our churches and we’re lucky if our parents have provided us with good teaching about the subject that is Biblical based.

We know from the Bible, from Psalm 127:1 that unless the Lord builds the house, we labour in vain and perhaps this is one of the causes that many single Christians find it hard to find their soul mate. If you’re in this position, perhaps you’ve been relying on your own resources. Perhaps you haven’t let God into this area of your life, or more likely, although you pray about finding someone, it doesn’t go much deeper than that and you really don’t know how to let God fully into this part of your life.

Don’t worry you’re not alone! Many Christians who are looking for love are in the same boat.

And that’s exactly why I commissioned and have produced the first of its kind, incredibly exciting resource called ‘OpentoGod – Deepening your faith while looking for love’. ‘OpentoGod’ is a resource to enable all types of ‘single’ Christians come closer to God through studying what His word has to say on topics in this area.

It’s written by a lady called Sheila Jacobs – a lady very close to God and who is very well respected in the Christian community. It’s a  resource we believe is inspired by God and his desires for us all to https://www.HeavenlyPartners.ie/meet-single-christians/come closer to him and we know it has the power to change lives quite dramatically.

The ‘OpentoGod’ resource is not about Heavenly Partners and it’s not about membership of an introduction agency. ‘OpentoGod’ is primarily all about you and God, your relationship with Him and allowing Him to be involved in your search for a soul mate.

The ‘OpentoGod’ resource consists of 18 sections of written material, individually produced both in magazine format AND as audio recordings. In each part of the materials there is an overview and food for thought on the topic, Bible passages to reflect on (using an ancient method of scriptural reading and reflection called Lectio Divina) suggested prayers and in the written format space for personal notes, and reproductions of Biblical paintings to aid reflections.

The ‘OpentoGod’ resource will be read, studied, listened to and used again and again as your life changes and progresses. As a result it’s designed to last.

“The ‘Open to God’ Box Set is a really helpful resource for putting Jesus at the centre of your search for a partner. The various chapters guide you through relevant Biblical material to reflect on the importance first and foremost of your relationship with Jesus, and how if you get that right, it is likely that the right partner will follow.

The resource encourages you to think about all aspects of a relationship, whether you are single, widowed or divorced, and helps to prepare you for the issues which may arise in any of those circumstances. It also offers guidance on the ‘difficult stuff’ of feelings of rejection, bereavement and low self-esteem.

The author offers passages from the Bible for careful reading, prayer and meditation – so called ‘Lectio Divina’ – which if you haven’t tried it, is a wonderful way to listen directly to how God is speaking to you personally in your current situation. She also offers some of her own responses to these passages, and her beliefs in respect of the most helpful  priorities for finding a suitable partner.

Each chapter, from ‘Getting the Foundation Right’ and ‘Exploring the Empty Space’ to ‘God-Ordered Steps’ and ‘A Second Chance’ includes an introduction to the Bible passage (covering the theme of the chapter and a brief theology),  a Bible passage by which to engage with God, suggestions of things to do to follow up from the period of reflection, and then a conclusion and prayer.

It provides a very reassuring means of exploring difficult issues around singleness and God’s will for one’s life, within a biblical context deriving from the historic tradition of pondering, savouring and reflecting on God’s living word as it relates to your everyday life. I have really benefitted from studying and using this resource and can highly recommend it for anyone searching for God’s will for the right relationship for them, their prospective partner, and their wider families.”


(West Midlands)

Your unique resource consists of the following:

* 18 Individual magazine style resources

* Extensive introductions to each section

* How to use Lectio Divina, complete directions on how it works and how best to use it

* Beautiful Biblical reproductions of paintings to aid reflection

* Your own copy of The New Testiment

* An interview with the author on CD to listen to. You can learn all about Sheila Jacobs, her fabulous testimony, her history and how writing this resource affected her personally. She will also advise you on the best way to interpret and use the resource along with her prayer for all that do.

* If you don’t have time to sit down and study, why not listen on the go? You have a 4 CD recording of the whole resource.

* As there are so many magazine style parts to keep together, a solid slip folder is provided to keep everything together, thus allowing you to dip in whenever you like and find what you are looking for easily.

* Finally, to keep the whole resource together, the writings, Bible, CD’s etc. you will have a study box file with a handle so it is easily transported.

OpentoGod Box set contents

This resource could not be any more extensive

I would go as far as to say God had a HUGE part in writing it

I also know what an effect it can have on a person and how it can be life changing

There are 4 main sections to the Open to God resource:

Section 1 – Deepening your faith

I am certain we all believe that we have a deep faith and connection to God, but is it?

This section consists of 5 parts. Part 1 deals with making sure the foundation is right – the relationship we have with our Heavenly Father. Part 2 begins with looking at the most important relationship we have – our relationship with Jesus and how all else follows from this. Part 3 looks at the gap left when we don’t have a soul mate. Part 4 goes on to help us let God take control of our future and let go of anything holding us back. Part 5 lets us see how God would like us all to live in the present, no hindered by past experiences.

Section 2Good Relationships

Section 2 consists of 3 parts, all incredibly important. Part 1 encourages you to look at the type of relationship God would like you to have and the type of person this will be with. Part 2 looks in to trust and obedience, how to evaluate and select a potential soul mate. Part 3 explores the material we may use, beginning with God himself and then going on to look at other sources.

Section 3 – The Difficult Stuff

No one said it would be easy, it is a learning curve and there are always sensitive areas to cover and this section of 5 parts, covers them all. Part 1 explores relationships with Non-Christians. Part 2 deals with so called ‘non-relationships’, this is where the commitment level from each person is not equal. Part 3 looks at sex. Part 4 explores ‘blended’ families. Part 5 look at whether actually, having considered all factors, you have come to terms with your singleton status and are happy with yourself before God will give you the opportunity to find your perfect partner.

Section 4 –  Addressing the  Delicate Issues

There are 5 parts to this section which look at the more delicate issues. Part 1 looks at relationships with non Christians. Part 2 looks at so called ‘non-relationships’ where the commitment from both parties is not the same. Part 3 looks at sex and Part 4 looks at blended families. And finally, in Part 5 the resource looks at whether, all things considered, it’s OK to be single and how sometimes we have to truly and deeply come to terms wtih our singleness before the Lord will open a door to a relationship for us.

If you are a committed Christian then this resource will life changing for you. It doesn’t matter about age, race or your background; you could be single, divorced, widowed or even separated and we are certain it will guide you in to your future.

This resource is for you to keep, to use, study and reflect on what you can get out of this resource. Look at how you can find your inner peace, move forward and become closer to God whilst searching for your soul mate.

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