“We thought you’d like to see a photograph of two happy customers! We were married in a civil ceremony at Redditch on 28th August 2004. Kevin was the first person I contacted from my first set of profiles just before Christmas last year. We met for the first time in March, and then not again until June11th, having kept in touch by phone and email. However, it was obvious that we matched very well, and there being no good reason why we should wait set the date. You may have noticed a flodd of new members following our success story! Again many thanks for your excellent service. With best wishes for many more happy marriages.”

(Kevin and Anne)

“Amy and I are planning to get married in a few months time. It was your team that helped me to get going again and I must thank you very much for all your help”

(John, Lecturer)

‘Further to our conversation on the phone, I just wanted you to know that Keith and I got engaged last Saturday and plan to be married on December 3rd this year. When I first joined friendsfirst I felt I had made a huge mistake and it wasn’t for me. Well I was wrong and am so glad that I sent that first text message to Keith! We share so much in common, most of all our Christian faith, and we look forward to our future together. Thank you so much for bringing us together. May God bless your work now and in the future.

(Sheila and Keith)

“Keith and I have been married now for three years. I believe we were truly blessed to find each other. Keith always maintains it was a divine appointment. We trust you will see the work grow this coming year with more men “taking up the challenge!”

(Keith and Sheila Barker)

“I’m ringing to let you know I’ve just got married to a fellow widower. The principles you gave me really helped me to be open minded to respond to everyone who contacted me and all your advice really helped me.

(Isobel )

“This is to confirm that due to your service I have finally been lucky in finding a lady with whom I shall be more than please to spend my life with. Our meeting was a direct result of your services for which I thank you.”

(Barry, Retired)

“I’m pleased to tell you that Lesley and I were married on 17/01/2009 – 18 months last weekend! An old friend from church since 1968 but she moved away and then returned more recently. Thank you for you work previously on my behalf – I did try to write to most of those who wrote to me – but not all – sorry. Thank you for the firm Christian way your organisation is based. Please continue and don’t dilute those principles. Thank you again for all the letters and contact. I met and wrote to some fine Christian ladies. Lesley and I are looking to God to bless our many years ahead. “

(Kevin, Gardner)

“We two met (after initially corresponding via your office) early in July. Even on our second meeting we were starting to feel at ease in each others company, the excitement of meeting matured to love. Neither of us can now imagine a happy future without the other. We expect to get engaged before the end of the year. Marriage, we hope, in due course. Each of us can see God’s hand in the way things worked to bring us together. So thank you for your help.”

(Brian, Solicitor and Fran, Community Carer)

“This is a message from two former members to let you know that we are know engaged. We hope to marry on 23rd April this year. Thank you again for your excellent service which we are certainly thankful for. Keep up the good work. God bless and thanks again.

(Robert and Rose, Parcel courier and civil servant)

“I just want to thank you for your ministry. I know that it is ‘God led’ and has the Lord’s stamp of approval on this valuable service. After my painful divorce I felt that I would be doomed to a life alone, and then heard about you and have not looked back since. My life has completely changed. I am now married to a ‘fellow’ member and have also retained friendship with another. For me a life of singleness after being married was very daunting but thank God for this service – ‘God provided a way for me’ and I give him the glory. Many thanks again.”

(Jo, RGN)

“Anyway thank you again for your part in bringing me and my future husband together and best wishes as you continue with this ministry of yours”

(Colin, Engineer)

“Another reason for writing to you is to let you know that I, and another member, John, have recently got engaged. I was a member for a year from 2006 – 2007 and our membership crossed by one month, during which time he wrote me a letter and we chatted on the phone, met up, went to France together (twice!) and he proposed to me on the final night. So we just wanted to say a Very Big Thank You to you all. We truly thank God for your service and for the way he so obviously uses and blesses you and your organisation. I am telling all my friends. Best wishes and renewed thanks”

(Jan, Translator)

“I wanted to drop you a line and say ‘thank you’ to you and the team for bringing Phil and I together. I was speaking with Phil tonight and he said that he has made you aware of our news/engagement. We’re both extremely happy and feel very blessed by God’s hand on the whole story. We’re hoping to have an October wedding, so a busy time ahead, but very much looking forward to preparing for a life together. I’m so glad that a friend recommended you to me and will definitely recommend it to others. The whole process of application etc was very user friendly and your contact via telephone was very much appreciated. Thank you very much again.”

(Jenny, Teacher)

“I rang you a few weeks ago to tell you the good news that I had found my soulmate in David. We are getting engaged on Mothering Sunday, 22nd March and are planning to get married on 26th September this year. We are so happy together. I went with my daughters up to Northampton this weekend and spent a lovely time with David’s church family. We didn’t want to leave to come back. David will be moving down to Dorset when we are married. I am so glad I listened to God when He told me to join friendsfirst. If I hadn’t I would have missed out on meeting this wonderful man. I fell in love with David through his letters. Then we texted each other a week before we met. We spoke on the phone 3 days before we met and during that conversation we told each other that we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. When we actually met it confirmed what we already knew. After my divorce I’d vowed to God that I wouldn’t get married again unless He brought me THE right person. So for me to be getting married again has to be a miracle from God. It’s the thing I want to do most of all.”

(Erica, Cleaner)

I met my husband through your organisation and you’re very professional.  I waited for a long time for God to bring someone into my life and then I joined. And God placed my husband in my life through you.

(Author unknown)

“How can I ever thank you enough for encouraging me to write to Peter in Birmingham. He has chosen me out of dozens to marry. We have both said Yes. He is the most wonderful, generous, kind gentleman in the world. I can truly say that my life has begun. Without your words of encouragement I’d never have written those letters and the blessed thing about it is that only ONE was the right one. I had no worry about wondering about this one, that one, he fell for me after just one letter, just about my life and background. Without you this couldn’t have happened. You will never know how God is using you to bring lonely souls together. God bless you.”

(Jane, Housekeeper)

“I am writing to give you the wonderful news that I have become engaged to Peter to whom you introduced me in September. This name was at the top of my first list and our first letters crossed in the post – a good start. As we have two properties to sell we have not yet set our wedding date. I’ve only just got the ring and one is enough for now! Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I’ve given details of your organisation to 2 ladies. Will you please cancel my membership and thank you once again for everything? Yours sincerely in the Lord.”

(Margaret, Local Govt Officer)

“I have a lovely relationship with a lady I’ve met through you  and we are engaged to be married in 3 months time. Thank you very much for your great service to me. It’s been wonderful. We are both very happy. Please take my name off your mailing list.”

(Godfrey, Office worker)

“We are just writing to let you know we will not be rejoining because we are getting married. We cannot thank you enough that we met through you and are very much in love and very happy. We shall live at Bernard’s and would love you to come to the wedding. We met only for an hour or two in February and fell in love and are to be married in May. The real organiser of our future was, and still is, the Lord. God himself has used your services to join together people like us. Thank you again and God Bless you.

(Bernard and Margot)

“I wrote to Liz via you on Feb 7th this year after just receiving my first set of profiles with which her profile was present. Amazingly, at the same time she had my profile to one side and was planning to write to me but I beat her to it. On February 14th after receiving my letter she wrote back and very soon we made contact via texts and phone calls of which the first was 76 minutes long. We found we have a lot in common and soon we fell in love after meeting in March. We got engaged at Easter and plan to marry on January 23rd next year at my church in Cheam. Poole is an area I have liked for many years often visiting the area due to a nice aunt living in nearby Wareham. Now we meet up at her place or mine about 2 to 3 times a month staying for a few days at a time. I will be moving down after the wedding and look forward to starting a new life there, re-starting my gardening business. We are both so pleased that we joined Heavenly Partners and we would certainly recommend you to our friends like my church visitor did to me. In the meantime I hope to send you a photo of our wedding. Many thanks”

(Simon, Own Gardening Business)

“It is with great delight that I can let you know John and I are now engaged and plan to be married next April. Thank you for all your support, I know I needed a lot at first but patience has been rewarded and we both feel very blessed that we have been able to meet each other. With our best wishes and renewed thanks to you and your team.”

(Margaret, Librarian)

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter to you, advising you that I have now met a wonderful gentleman through you. What is also very nice is that he lives locally.. Obviously now I wish to cancel my membership and to thank you very much for bringing us together. We are getting married next January.”

(Pauline, Telephonist)

“Dear Katharine, It’s about time I dropped you a line of thanks and to update you on what has happened since I first joined friendsfirst about 3 years ago. I doubt if you’d remember but I met you at a nice lunch near Gas Street Basin in Birmingham (when you’d broken your leg and were hobbling around )


“When I got your profiles, no-one really jumped out at me and I did nothing. Then I reread your bumf and thought I should take your advice and be proactive and I contacted John and left a message on his phone. It was only then that I prayed – I realise now I should have done that first and not last! It’s been amazing – I saw Johns face in my prayers and now we are engaged and hope to be married in the New Year.”

(Marie, Pastoral Care worker)

“I’ve met someone through your agency and we’re getting on ‘great guns’ – we have a strong bond between us and there’s a good bit of chemistry there – it’s a little bit more than just a friendship at the moment – thank you for your organisation – we are another success story for you.”

(Simon, Probation officer)

“Dear Katharine,I am writing to tell you that Andrew he was Box no. 1794 and I got engaged at Easter this year and will be married next June. His name was on the first mailing I received from you back in September 2010, we started going out in the Oct. having exchanged quite a few emails. Is it a record to meet and marry someone from the first month’s contacts? Please can you stop sending him details for re-joining as we are very happy together. I have noted your latest one to him about the Radio 4 programme – sounds good. Best wishes for many more happy outcomes! “

(Jane 62 widowed)

“I am writing to tell you that I wish to withdraw from your organisation because I’m going to be married on 31st March.”

(Judith, Retired)

‘Thank you for your continued interest. Thankfully there is now no need to renew my membership as my darling John and I plan to marry soon. Katharine but for you, this would not be possible. God bless you and your work. All my thanks and best wishes.’

( Mary, Housekeeper)

“Hi Katharine, We are not feeling lonely anymore thank you! Through you James and I met.  Dates went well and we fell in love.  Three weeks ago we got engaged.  We are getting married in September this year and couldn’t be happier. We would like to thank you all at HQ.  Keep up the good work. Regards.”

(Tracy and James)

“Hi, I was so amazed when I read your latest newsletter about another engagement . I met Heather last May and we got engaged on 2nd November and are busy planning our wedding for September 26th the same day as the other Dave and Heather. It too feels such a blessing from God in bringing us together . Thank you for the part you played in that. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further info, yours in Christ


“Thank you so much for the renewal letter that you sent to me in the post. I didn’t tell you that I married another member last September. Thank you so much for making this possible”

(Fiona, Office Assistant)

Dear Heavenly Partners , When I wrote my profile in Jan 09 I ‘quote’ I prayed to find a partner in 2009. Well my prayers came true, praise the Lord, just coming to the end of 2009. From the last profiles sent I met Rosi and romance moved fast for us. We just recently got engaged to wed in May. God has been in the centre of our prayers and still is. So we wanted to thank Heavenly Partners and I want to say to new christian members ”it will happen if you only believe it will.” Thank you and God bless.

(David, Catering Assistant)

“Dear Katharine,   I am very pleased to tell you that the best aspect of the St. Rhadagunds 09 holiday for Pat and myself, David was that , in a truly romantic evening setting, we got engaged. We are very happy together, and are planning to marry early next May. We will always remain grateful to friendsfirst, without which our initial introduction would never have happened. We hope that your continuing efforts enable many more Christians to find the friends/partners they are seeking.”

(David and Pat)

“It’s really happened – we’re engaged and both so thrilled and happy.”

(Rob, Social Worker)

“Please take me off your membership. I’ve met the man I will spend the rest of my days with. He was the first person I’d contacted and I was the first person who’d contacted him. We will be getting married in April.”

(Celia, Stock Control Clerk)

“I’m just ringing to let you know Philip and I are getting married this October . He is everything I was looking for. Being a member has been really worth it though it was amazing that we met seeing as I nearly gave up hope and resigned my membership. Three months after you persuaded me to persevere with my membership, I received Philip’s details in the mailing. As soon as we met we knew. I felt he was so right for me and we are so happy. Thank you so much for all your encouragement.”

(Lois, Adult Education)

I am writing to tell you that I have become engaged to be married. I met one of your other members “Alex” fairly recently and it was ‘love at first sight’. We had been in constant tough by letter and telephone, but knew as soon as we met, God meant us to be together. God willing, we are to marry on 28th May this year. I know I moaned about spending so much money, but I’m glad now I did.”


“I am writing to you to convey the good news that Susie and I have become engaged after meeting through your organisation. I wish to thank you as you were the means God used to put us in touch. We are so delighted and wanted to thank you personally.”

(David, Civil Servant)

“As you are aware, I left your great team some time ago, and will be marrying Mary Ryder at our Church on 29th August 2009.   For your interest, I met Mary in our Church in October 2008, I proposed in January, and are looking forward to a happy marriage next month.  Thank you for all your help over my short time with friendsfirst.”

(Jeff, Senior Lecturer)

“I would like to say a ‘great big thank you’ to you because I have met a great guy through your service and we got engaged on Easter Sunday! We met 6 months ago and have not looked back since. They say God moves in mysterious ways, he originally wasn’t one of the guys I wanted to contact! Thank you again.”

(June, Travel Consultant)

“When people ask how we met, the official line is that we met through a mutual friend. Thank you for being our friend.”

(Barry, Manager)

‘Thank you to you and your team. I’m engaged to be married! I feel so blessed to have met Phil through you and believe it’s been very much God’s timing – Thank you for playing your part.’

(Jane, Teacher)

“I am very happy to inform you that, through your agency, the Lord has brought a lovely Christian lady into my life and we intend to marry. Thank you for your excellent service.”

(John, Retired RN officer)

“I’m ringing to let you know that Chris and I are getting married in March 2014. I joined in March 2008 and in November I got in touch with Chris. We exchanged emails and calls and then decided to meet up and it went on from there. We’ve have never met in a million years if it hadn’t been for you because we live miles apart from each other. I’d never liked the idea of joining a dating agency but I joined you because it felt safe and comfortable.”


“Please remove my profile from the list that you send out, as I have met a wonderful lady and I hope to be spending my life with her. Thank you.”

(Ian, Retired)

“I am pleased to inform you that I met Ian a fellow members and things are going very well between us. He is going to move down to my area, early this year. We have talked about wedding plans but have not got engaged yet (but I’m going to say yes). Ps I only contacted two people from your organisation and Ian was the second one.”

(Juliet, Nurse)

Thank you for you contact with me. I did have specific questions that I  wanted to ask before joining.  I was reassured there would be plenty of men to contact in the age range I was looking for. It was reassuring to know you were there to speak to. The profiles you sent me were very useful indeed. My experience has been influenced by the first contact I had with another member. Almost immediately Chris emailed me and we set up firm ‘friendship’ which has blossomed into love. We are engaged to be married in July Hallelujah. I will let you have my story to go on your website and a wedding photo”

(Angela, Teacher)

Anyway to God all the glory and with the help of everyone at the office, I found the one. Deepak  and I got married on March 9th this year.  Thank you again God bless you.

(Verna 41 Single)

‘”We are so thankful for your assistance and for the service that you provide. We have settled into married life very well and enclose a picture of our wedding day for you. We had a great honeymoon. I hope you continue your service for many years to come as you are greatly appreciated.”

(Charles, Software Engineer)

Dear Katharine,  I felt really special during the first phone call after our first date. This is when my now husband to be described in detail how he felt about me and how I had looked to him the day before. He described how my hair bounced, my smile, the way I was sitting and how I made him feel happy. I could hear the excitement in his voice as he went on to say people at work were asking him why he was smiling and he answered it was because he was thinking about me. I knew from that moment that he was the man I was going to marry after that one date! Take care .

( King 42 Nurse Single)

“I have found the love of my life, Hazel. We are planning a wedding in September”

(David, Contractor)

“I thought you would be interested to know that I have just become engaged to be married. In the New year I wrote 5 letters. David from Poole phoned me and after a month he came to meet me and we soon fell in love. He asked me to marry him two weeks ago. We have just spent a few days away at a retreat, when we were prayer for that God would bless our future, a lovely start of our engagement. We plan to marry early next year.”

(Rosemary – 56 – Housing Mgr)

“Please accept my resignation as I hope to remarry this summer. Thank you for all your help and your excellent services. My sincere thanks to you and your colleagues for your courtesy and support.”

(Max, Retired Director of Finance)

“Good news I got married last February. Although we didn’t meet directly through friendsfirst it got me in the frame of mood about meeting people. Thank you for your help”

(James Froy, Company Director )

“Please remove my details from your list. God has graciously answered my prayers for a wife. Thanks to you I have met Susanna and we are to be married in October.”

(Peter, Retired Dental Technician)

“Dear Katharine, It’s about time I dropped you a line of thanks and to update you on what has happened since I first joined your agency about 3 years ago. I doubt if you’d remember but I met you at a nice lunch  (when you’d broken your leg and were hobbling around!) and you assured me that you’d have no trouble finding me someone suitable as I had the gift of the gab (you were more polite but it was something like that). I’ve been divorced for 8 years and a single parent bringing up 2 girls. I’ve used a couple of Christian websites and some introduction agencies, and over the years have met a frightening number of people on a first meeting basis, but all of whom I knew just weren’t right. I had a couple of quite long lasting relationships with lovely Christians who lived miles away and just weren’t quite right again. My neighbour thought I was being choosy and I was beginning to believe her, but I just had a very clear vision of what it would be like when I met Ms Right. And although I really longed for a partner, I knew I would rather anything than make a mistake again. Such lovely Christian women out there, but for me I was not looking for someone I could live with, I knew it would be someone I couldn’t live without..
So along came the advert for your agency in my church magazine. And to be honest my first year’s membership didn’t bring me what I was looking for, apart from a broken heart when I went out with someone who unintentionally hurt me quite badly at the end of 5 months. I would not have rejoined but fortunately I won a year’s free membership. But although I felt that the service was greatly improved with more informative profiles and pictures etc, I was so determined not to travel more than an hour that I politely and encouragingly declined most approaches, and I hardly initiated any contacts myself. After my last set of profiles arrived I felt a bit guilty that I’d written to hardly anyone in my year’s membership, so I prayed and had a close look. And when I saw Julia’s profile I thought well maybe I’ll just give this one a try, even though she lived an hour and a half away and I’d declined people about the same distance or living quite nearby. There was just something…
The rest is history as the cliche says. My last set of profiles just overlapped with her first set as a new member, otherise we would certainly have missed each other. The first day she switched on her computer to see if any of her ‘possibles’ had tried to contact her, my email was in there! We met in the very inauspicious motorway service station on the motorway as she was fetching her daughter from uni. We started going out in April and even though I knew from very early on that as far as I was concerned, she was The One, I was proud of myself for resisting proposing until nearly 7 months had elapsed. To my amazement she said ‘yes’ straightaway and we’re getting married  in July. She will move down here so my girls can carry on at the same school but we’ll be moving into a new house to make a fresh start together with no ‘baggage’ of memories to hold us back.
Lots more could be said, but one big thank you for all you have done for someone who didn’t really follow your guidance but simply waited for the right person… and just could not believe my blessing when she turned up! Best wishes to you and the team.”

(Chris – Social Care Inspector)

“I only contacted one member, that was in May. We went on to get married in September. We are very happy.”

(Sandra, Office worker)

“I write on behalf of Sue and myself to ask you to remove our names from the lists of profiles that you are due to send out soon. I am absolutely over the moon about meeting her and I know already that we are right for each other. Wedding bells are almost within earshot! Thank you for being there it has definitely worked well for us.

(Ian , Clergyman)

“It is with much pleasure that I write to inform you that I met someone shortly after registering with you. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and I pray that your agency will continue to help bring many like minded Christian singles together.”

(Helen, Social Worker)

“I am writing to thank you once again for initiating the change in two lives. I contacted David early this year and after many phone calls arranged to meet. This meeting was very successful and as were all the rest. We are now engaged – I didn’t know I could be so happy!!! We both feel we were meant for each other and we have you to thank for bringing us together. Thank you once again for making two people so very happy.”

(Sarah, Bank Cashier)

“For the best possible reason, kindly delete me from your mailing list. I have just become engage to one of ‘your flock’ and plan to marry on September 29th 2001. What else can I say, except to convey my grateful thanks for your enrollment?”

(Peter, Insurance Broker)

You may have noticed a flood of new members following our success story! Again many thanks for your excellent service. With best wishes for many more happy Marriages.”

(Kevin and Anne)

7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait

“Talking to you this morning about my profile was really helpful. You’ve really put my mind at rest.”

(Eileen, Teacher)

‘You offer a professional service that is well executed.”

(Lesley, Specialist)

“I have found it very easy to contact you. Having contact with you really personalises your service. Your service is very friendly and supportive and has given me confidence. I […]

(Monica, University Lecturer)

“I have found you easy to contact, your phone calls friendly, and the stories of others very encouraging. Overall your service has been excellent. I haven’t been active this year […]

(Margaret, Teacher)

7 Deadly Relationship Sins

Are you faultless or do you commit any of the 7 deadly relationship sins? deadly-sins-leadbait