What we do at HeavenlyPartners and What makes our Christian Dating and Introduction Service unique!

We are unashamedly proud of what we do at Heavenlypartners. Basically we offer Christians a Christian dating and Introduction service that is professional, confidential, personal and very friendly – if you value these things then the Heavenlypartners Christian Dating and Introduction service is for you! You are at the core of our service, and at the heart of everything we do. We know our members appreciate the support they get from us and that this is often the factor that makes the difference in membership being a success or failure. Find out in detail what we do at Heavenlypartners below:

How our Christian Introduction service is Unique!

If you value confidentiality and professionalism along with a friendly and personal service then Heavenly Partners is the introduction agency for you. We recognised that what we do is all about you – because you are at the core of our company. It’s because you are so important that we give you individual advice, coaching and support  and this often makes the difference between failure or success.

What the Heavenlypartners Christian Dating and Introduction service provides:

When you become a member of Heavenly partners the first thing we do is write your personal profile making sure it reflects the true you. You will then receive a wonderful welcome pack which will include a FREE copy of our 32 page ‘Top Tips’; a FREE copy of an additional book tailored to your marital status; a comprehensive welcome letter; a copy of your personal profile and a FREE copy of our members only magazine ‘Cloudnine;’ and much more all encased in your own lever arch binder. Once you have read your profile and are happy with it (you can update this at any time), it will be circulated to our other members on a monthly basis. You will also begin to receive mailings of other members profile on a regular basis – you can choose how regularly you would like your mailings based on the membership package  you decide upon. The profiles contain detailed information on each member, their interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, Christian faith, background information and any other information they feel is important to them. For an example profile, how we match.

What we do at Heavenlypartners next!

Upon receipt of the profiles we send to you, you need to read them carefully and then decide who you would like to contact. Whichever profiles capture your interest you can then go ahead and make contact using one of three methods – via the telephone, email or send a letter. We have a ‘box number’ system available which is issued and administered by Heavenly partners, thus allowing you to correspond in a confidential manner without disclosing your personal address. Our personal, experienced and friendly Heavenly partners team are here to help and support you throughout your journey and are pro-active in keeping in contact with you but you can also call us at any time to answer queries, questions or just for a little bit of encouragement and advice.

How what we do at Heavenlypartners, do we match?

If you are looking for a certain sort of Christian friend then Heavenly partners is for you. We provide a Christian Introduction service which differs from a standard ‘dating agency’. Our members are the heart of our business and as each person is individual and unique, it would be impossible to sort them neatly into ‘boxes’. It is our belief that formulaic computer ‘match-making’ can actually restrict and even reduce your chances of getting to know someone special. Heavenly partners gives the control back to you to decide who you would or would not like to meet whilst being able to provide you with detailed information to help you make an informed decision. We endeavour to give you the largest choice, extensive knowledge and advice and confidence to take the subsequent step. See how we match.

How what we do at Heavenlypartners ensures your safety and security

Your safety and security is our priority. All members are asked to provide us with a form of identification. Copies of a current and valid driving licence or passport are acceptable as are a recent bank statement or utility bill showing your name and address.

All members are also issued with their own unique ‘Box number’ which is used on your profile rather than using your own personal address. Heavenly partners will NEVER disclose your address to any other member. If you are happy for other members to contact you by telephone or email, these can be included on your profile – just add this to the relevant section on your application form. You can always change your mind at any time.

Heavenly partners can also provide you with your own personal email address e.g. John1234@heavenlypartners.co.uk . All emails sent to this address are automatically re-routed to an email of your choice, thus giving you the peace of mind that your personal email address is not displayed.

The personal details held by Heavenly partners are on a secure database and are registered with the Office of the Data Protection Registrar. Your details will not be sold, lent or hired to any other individual or organisation and exclusively for the use of Heavenly partners and it’s parent company friends1st.

Exclusive Membership Benefits (or how what we do at Heavenlypartners benefits you!)

What you can expect from your Heavenly partners membership:

  • Lots of opportunities to meet like-minded Christians
  • No constrains on the amount of people you can meet
  • The opportunity to be introduced fellow Christians whose faith is paramount to them
  • A wide selection of who you meet – information is given to you so that you can make an informed decision about who you meet and contact.
  • Detailed profiles of other members containing more than their basic interests – it is a ‘snap-shot’ of their true personality and things that are important to them.
  • A very personalised service – we get to know you personally so that we can offer you a much more tailored service.
  • The ability to be introduced to people who are the right age for you – we will be honest about expectations and we will encourage you not to limit yourself by age however we will not send you profiles that do not fit into your chosen age criteria.
  • An organisation supported by masses of churches – we’re not a fly by night operation – here today and gone tomorrow – we’ve been operating since 1999.
  • Assurance that your information is secure and kept in confidence.
  • Heavenly partners email rerouting service.
  • Republic of Ireland and UK based members only.
  • An highly recommended organisation, new members are often referred by friends or previous members.
  • Your own hand-crafted profile that really puts the essence of who you are across.
  • Detailed information about other members that lets you know who they are.
  • Advice and support at every point of your journey – we are here to help you get the most from it.
  • An Introduction agency that is proud to work with integrity and honesty
  • Expert support and advice in how to go about making or responding to the first contact.
  • Expert support and advice and provision of learning tools to help you meet people.
  • Discounted prices on our chargeable events (our member dinners and lunches are included in the membership packages)
  • The ability to choose the regularity of the profiles you receive.
  • A discreet, personal and highly confidential service.
  • A professional service that puts you at the centre of everything we do.
  • The opportunity to upgrade your membership at any point.
  • A service which puts you in control.
  • A FREE copy of our 32 page illustrated book – ‘TOP TIPS for making new friends and enjoying successful relationships’
  • A FREE copy of a relevant book relating to your marital status

People from all walks of life use our service to meet new friends and soul mates and many do find their ideal partner.

If you are serious about finding someone special, we are confident that like many before you, you are likely to join us. We will not be suitable for people who are ‘flirting with the idea’ of dating. This is a long term investment in expanding your friends circle and improving your love life. It is a process that cannot be ‘test-driven’ over a short period.

Throughout your membership, you will receive a great choice of interesting profiles within your selected age range, all of which are Christian. The profiles will give you lots of reasons to begin to make contact. Not all of them will turn out to be suitable however, the more you contact, the more likely you are to succeed. We are available to help and support you throughout your journey.

The friendly team at Heavenly partners are available to you and can offer expert advice, encouragement, support and assistance – as much or as little as you require. It’s by providing this service that makes Heavenly partners so successful and has led to many happy relationships and marriages.

You may be hesitant or nervous about making such a change to your life. We are confident that in our experienced and safe hands, that as soon as you begin your journey, we won’t be able to hold you back! You just need to decide which membership package is suitable for you, and we can get you going. Help God answer your prayers.

What we do at Heavenlypartners is offer an outstanding service, where we provide you with a first class Christian dating experience. Our end goal is to match you to your lifetime soulmate.

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