Wounded by God’s People

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Wounded by God’s people by Anne Graham Lotz
Published by Hodder and Stoughton

Billy Graham has said that his daughter Anne is the ‘best preacher they had in the family’ and it turns out she is also an excellent writer.

In this book, she focues on an issue that is extremely relevant to many Christians; the fact that we often do a good job of hurting each other. Lotz notes that when we are wounded, many of us suffer in silence. Some retreat from other Christians and even from the Church.

She then tracks a journey from hurt to healing using Old Testament character, Hagar. Lotz traces Hagar’s rejection, expulsion from her family and ultimately her healing.

She encourages the reader not to run away and hide when wounded, but to come to God for healing and restoration. If you have experienced ‘friendly fire’ from other Christians, this book is well worth a read.