The power of laughter

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Tips for dating | 0 comments

Making people laugh is a skill that is really worth developing and if you use it in your interactions with people you meet on a daily basis you will find your popularity increases and more people will be drawn to you. People like being around happy people, and people like to laugh.  There’s plenty of evidence that regularly laughing is very good for our health too.

Now this isn’t a skill that comes naturally to many people but it can be learnt and there are some things you can do if telling jokes terrifies the living daylights out of you.

I was at a Christian dinner recently and a speech was made by one of the leaders. What I found very interesting is that this man told some jokes – but not jokes that he had learnt by heart. No – when the time came, he got a number of pieces of paper out of his jacket and he read the jokes out! One would have thought this would have been bad form,  or worse – would spoil the jokes. But actually the jokes were that good that everyone was soon hanging off his every word and listening out for the punch line. Because my friend was reading the joke, he wasn’t nervous about delivering the punch line and he therefore did it well and we all fell about laughing.

Now I tell you this because if you’re not naturally good at telling jokes – and many of us aren’t – then don’t feel you can’t read them out off a piece of paper. A joke is a joke and having a few tucked into a pocket which you can bring out and read to people is just as effective.

Now of course you can use these jokes in meetings with people; if you are talking to someone over the phone – or in letters or emails you write.

What’s important here is that you don’t have to be a natural. There is an alternative way as I’ve shown you.

So try it out – find a couple of good jokes – write them down and try telling them to people. Chances are people will love it – you’ll be remembered, and having made them laugh you’ll be off to a good start.