(Stephen – Surrey)

I wasn’t sure about joining ,it has taken a long time, have been a member of another dating site, on line , not great, no support etc, I’m not very good on computers, so never had much success’s joined friends 1st, because I have spoken to Katharine quite often, and...

(Clive, Teacher)

“I’ve just come back from your summer holiday in the Isle of Wight. It was such a beautiful place with beautiful views, and the activities they laid on were really excellent.”

(Martin 68 Wales)

“Dear Katherine, a testimonial, thought it was a touch soon , but here we go.  I was very sceptical about joining , as one hears so much about the goings on and the reasons why people join , and so often it’s just away for people to meet for a one night...

(Charmaine London)

I was sceptical about joining a dating agency because, there is a fear that you will meet a complete stranger or someone you might not like. All sorts of reservations such as the person having deeper issues of life that they either refuse to get help for or they...