I was worried about online dating, so discovering you in the “Inspire” Magazine while doing some church cleaning was intriguing, you saying that I could be “offline” in the process. My identity is of importance to me, and I have a job that is known to attract deliberate unwanted bother at times from those we attempt to serve. Since the turn of the new year, I sensed that God was asking me to “let in the sun” and stop hiding. At the same time, I was feeling quite miserable as I have moved three years ago and not found many friends my age, at least not on a deeper level. It seemed that others do not need my friendship and love to the extent I need theirs- they appear to have their friends and loves already. Oh, and the biological clock.I have been wrestling with the paradox that I don’t want an “Ishmael” instead of waiting for the “Isaac”, and I cannot even be sure that God’s will is that I remarry, though I hope so. As I have matured in faith, I realise that God wants people who have “come alive” and God has told me to take time to be beautiful as that glorifies Him. I think it is truer that God moves and opens and closes doors as we move and seek, and yet there is a responsibility to listen and obey as we move along. Well-meaning people in the church family can have quite a lot to say about “waiting for the Lord to act”, and that feels quite intimidating as I step out. But I think about how Esther had a spa season, and how Abraham’s servant came up with a strategy and the Lord worked with him as he went. I feel happier now I have started with you on this adventure. I do not have big sisters and I welcome your chaperoning, as it were, and your ear that will be available. I also feel that you have covered me in prayer from day one. Even though we have not spoken yet. Thank you. Your advert in Inspire caught my attention, and your website details, easy to follow, and being audio-visual as well as written. Convincing in its honesty and I think other people’s testimonials were probably key.