I wasn’t sure about joining ,it has taken a long time, have been a member of another dating site, on line , not great, no support etc, I’m not very good on computers, so never had much success’s joined friends 1st, because I have spoken to Katharine quite often, and met her in London, she is very passionate about  friends 1st ,I can tell, and I feel she’s genuine about bringing people together, have also spoken to other ladies in your office, all have been helpful and I felt at ease with. You have been sending me e mails on nearly a daily basis, which has kept my interest , I always new i would join, sooner or later, but you didn’t. I’ve only just joined so its early days, just a few hours after joining i have already spoken to 3/4 of your staff  all who have rang me to wish me well or ask if they can help. I’ve booked my photo shoot for next Monday, easy just like you said, really looking forward to that, any photo s I’ve got of me make me look like a convict. I’ve also just received my welcome folder  huge, just started reading, very interesting, so all in all very happy with everything so far, all very professional, I’m looking forward to my membership. I do belong to a social group and there are a few people i will talk to about friends 1st , after I’ve been a member a while.