“Thank you very much for your first letter with profiles which I received a few days ago, also your much needed encouragement. I did on of the hardest jobs in my life and phoned 2 numbers but no reply, but in a very short while Peter from Reading rang back and he was so very nice and thankful to me for phoning him, He called 3 times on Saturday, he use to live and work here in Belfast and knows people I know. One man was in my class at school, so it a small world after all and because of this background, I feel very safe with him. He asked to exchange snaps (photo’s) which I did, his arrived this morning which I’m very pleased to see, he looks soft and kind. I phoned to thank him and we had another long conversation. He is so happy and positive about the future with me – it is incredulous how a friendship can happen so easily and quickly. So it seems my life maybe beginning at 69 thanks to you at Heavenly Partners . I did not really believe that you would help me and I do feel sorry for thinking like that. I trust Peter can give me a life worth living and I trust God to provide anything we may lack.”