“Do you believe in miracles Let me tell you about one that has happened to me. I have been a member of Heavenly Partners for about 10 months. During that time I have received and written letters plus having telephone conversations with ladies. In addition I have met two ladies and spent a day with both of them. However none of these encounters have developed into friendship. I felt that I was not making progress. In  effect I was not casting my net wide enough. I was looking for a lady who lived nearby. However most of the profiles of ladies I received lived some considerable distance from my town. Then I recalled reading in the bible that Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. When they reached the river Jordan tow and a half tribes did not want to cross it and go into the promised land on the far bank. They wanted to stay on the land on the east bank and settle there. A bible commentator said that they were content to settle for less than God’s best ie the promised land. It occurred to me that I was unwilling to cross a river bordering my county and not venture into the promised land. So when a new batch of profiles arrived I once again looked for a lady living nearly, there were none. Then I looked again and noted that there was a lady living across the river and into the neighbouring country. The Lord prompted me to contact her by telephone. How pleased I am that I did. Right away there was that spark that I was longing for. Soon after we met for our first meeting which went very well. We now meet regularly and chat most evening on the telephone. Truly I have met my soul mate.  Do not despair if you have not found your soul mate yet. Katharine in her book “Looking for love the second time round” says…. be patient and maintain utter trust in God, his timing and provisions are always best.”