The greatest advertisement for your organisation was meeting some of your members at the Isle of Wight singles week at St. Rhadagunds last September (06). In previous years there has hardly been anyone coming to these weeks. However, to my great delight, last year the singles week was fully booked. As I understand it, this was due to the fact that Heavenly Partners actively mailshotted their members and in this way encouraged them to support the singles week. What made last September special was the incredible mix of ages. Every decade from 20s to 90s was represented! And the younger ones said they greatly benefited from the experience and testimony of the older ones. There would simply not have been the same oneness of the spirit or camaraderie had everyone been in a narrow age range. One chap who particularly blessed me was in this 90s, called Peter. He was only too willing to pray with people, and he helped me through a particularly difficult time. If the age range was specified to, say, 25-45, I would never have had the benefit of meeting Peter. And I myself would have missed out, being 47. Another person who made the week special was a spirit filled young lady called Diane who led the week. People could see she had a genuine heart for single people, so much so that she has been asked to lead this year’s week as well. She currently attends Bible college and is looking to find a ministry. I told her she should consider a ministry to single people, still an area crying out for leaders who are genuinely committed.