“Dear Katherine, a testimonial, thought it was a touch soon , but here we go.  I was very sceptical about joining , as one hears so much about the goings on and the reasons why people join , and so often it’s just away for people to meet for a one night stand. My wife had obviously contacted you before we came together, and she was level headed and a lovely lady, and I could not see her getting involved in something sordid. You sent mail to Christine which I opened then phoned you to let you know she went home, I spoke to a lass called Trish , she encouraged me to think about it and would send a brochure, which she did. At present there seems to be a lot of paper to read and understand, with all these offers and add ons , and as yet I have just sent a profile, so I seem to be inundated with paper etc which I’m sure will sort itself out. At the same time am trying to understand computer/pad. I get a sense of bewilderment/bafflement yet as things develop will seem to become easier. How do I feel now that I’ve started the journey? Apprehensive, I know I’ll be needing help from time to time, quite looking forward to the year ahead. Thank you so much.