Dear Katharine. I just want to thank you for your emails.  I am not a member of Friends First but have perused the site a few times.  My husband and I have been through a very difficult time after I found out about his affair. He left our home many times over two years. Each time I forgave him because I believed, and still do, that he had a break down, a mid life crisis, whatever he was not himself.  The whole nightmare knocked me off my feet and left me reeling.  Now,  a few months on and with tremendous support from my family and friends I am recovering and becoming the girl I used to be.  Unknowingly, your part in my recovery has been vital because it showed me that there was a way out, there are people who actually care, there are successful relationships. I have realised that I am important and worth something and I can only save my life no matter how hard I try to take responsibility for others’ happiness. So thank you so much for your correspondence, it kept me afloat.