“Good Morning Katharine,   I have this morning received your letter thanking us for our continuing support. Firstly I would like to introduce myself as a point of contact at here at the  Cathedral. Secondly after reading your letter I felt compelled to tell you what wonderful work I think you’re doing. I think you are completely right that people have re-prioritised their lives and once again family and companionship comes first, as it should.  As a young mum myself I am all too aware what a lonely place the world can be and I think that so many other young mums could benefit from this service. Allthough I have a fantastic family, a doting fiancé and amazing friends I still felt incredibly lonely after having my little girl and I am certain others feel the same. Allthough not everyone is lucky enough to have the support network.  Anyway I just wanted to say that I think friendsfirst does a brilliant job and all credit to you.”