Hi Katharine, I’m delighted to reply to you with my observations and experiences so far.I have been on a dating web site for the last 6 months and when my membership expired last month I was pleased as, on the whole, I had been disappointed. Having been single for many years, now retired and a grandparent, it was a difficult decision to contemplate going out of my comfort zone to try to meet a potential partner. I wavered between feeling foolish even imagining I might meet someone and a deep longing to share my life with someone special. Although my daughter encouraged me to join a web site, I couldn’t really discuss fully my hopes and fears with her. I wish I had known about your agency then. However I chose a website called Christian and single as that seemed to sum me up and I presumed that I stood a fair chance of meeting someone of a similar persuasion. That wasn’t to be the case, in fact I only came across one guy who was spiritual. I found out that the web site is one of many owned by a parent company and that information is passed from one site to another. I know this as fact because I met another guy that way and, in conversation, realised we were from different web sites. As it happened we got on very well and  met several times until we agreed to go our separate ways. however there were a large number of contacts I made where as soon as the other party read my profile which made it clear that I am a Christian, they broke off contact. So perhaps they too were from a different web site. The other feature of the web site that I was on is that it is alleged by its critics that they make up false profiles to whet your appetite. I have found that since my membership expired I have been inundated by a number of apparent contacts who exactly fit my ideal partner profile. I might be cynical, but….So, it is very refreshing and reassuring to be in touch with yourselves. I do feel that I am being processed ( for want of a better word) as an individual. I have spoken to a member of your team on two occasions, once before I had made up my mind to join  (Jake I think). On both occasions I was listened to and my questions answered. I came across you on Google, and really liked everything I read. It came across as sincere and potentially exactly what I was looking for. The subsequent reading material you provide is helpful and relevant. There is a clear Christian ethos in the way you conduct your agency, from my perspective. I like that you require ID, seems obvious so why don’t others do it, and I like the extras that you offer. If I could afford them I would take them up. My experience to date has been positive to the extent that I look forward to the next part of the journey when my profile is completed. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback, that’s another first! Kind regards,