“Thank you for your answer phone message enquiring how I was getting on with my friendsfirst membership.  Well – the answer is: Very Well!  In fact I am now regularly seeing or as you say ‘in a relationship’ with the first person who contacted me the very first night from my first batch of profiles back at the beginning of March.  His name is Chris and he is from Wolverhampton – he did say he didn’t mind me giving his name.  We had a bit of an unusual start because sadly my mother died very suddenly in April, when we had only met a couple of times.  But a month afterwards we met up again and got on very well indeed.  Now we see each other regularly at weekends to go walking.  I had contacted a couple of other people before my Mum died and one man wrote to me from a long way away, but otherwise nobody has been made contact since March/April time which I am quite happy about.  So I would like to suspend my membership please while I continue to see Chris and let you know if anything changes.”