I decided to take the plunge because I would like to have my own husband who is a Christian and would like to devote his attentions toward me and me to him and also share the same kind of work/projects for souls. I simply am refusing to be unmarried any longer. I truly believe God has a good man for me who will like me. I joined because I saw the nice and very encouraging testimonies from friends first. My friend has had a good experience of dealing with yourselves too and recommended friends 1st. I am not going to another wedding except 1 more then my own, because each time I go to a wedding I have to be escorted by someone whom I have no plans for the future with and they are not of the same faith/unequal yoked This to be candid is very exhausting! Then finally having past friends who think they were friends, who are married and they leave you out most of the time and forget you and use you when they are down or alone not good food for thought but this has been my experience…I never thought about it much before, until now…Having joined you and spoken to Lizzie who was amazing I am now hopeful for myself that things will change because they need to change so my life reflects more of what I believe God has in store for me. I now believe for the first time in my life that God really has got better for me rather than my own best which so far has amounted to no husband and not the life I always hoped for. I am believing against all the odds that God is going to do a miracle for me in 2015/2016 and that Lizzy will be a witness to my marriage in the coming year. I believe in my own miracles even though many have given up on me over the years. “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” also god gave me as a prophesy from a pastor on two separate occasions Deuteronomy 28:1-16 then many months later…Isaiah 14:30. I would recommend this to individuals and a few reliable friends… who are serious about finding a life partner…also for those who might find it a challenge because of their past  – which could be both physical and spiritual even though they are emotionally stable it can be hard because just sometimes one does not know how, plus not being equipped – (the reason why):-  to find a decent man or woman from within/outside of the circles they frequent. The bible is classic in showing how god used others to help others’ to find a wife…at the right time.