“I am so glad that I joined Friends 1st! It took me a few months of thinking, praying, and plucking up the courage before I joined, then I decided to make the most of my membership. I emailed the first man who interested me from my first set of profiles and he emailed me the next day, asking to speak on the phone that evening. I was so nervous as I was out of practice and lacking in confidence! We had a few things in common. We met six days later, as I was travelling close to his home. We were both very nervous. We chatted and it was nice, but I really wasn’t sure about him. However, following Friends 1st advice about giving it a chance, I kept in touch. We had lovely relaxed phone conversations and got on well. We met a couple more times and I still wasn’t too sure, due to nerves and shyness when we met. We carried on keeping in touch and found that we got to know each other better. We were phoning and texting regularly. We met more often, and felt more relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. We then decided to make a go of it and start a relationship. We are taking things slowly and it is really nice. He is such a blessing. I want to encourage people that it really can happen that it could be the first person you contact! Also, I would encourage people not to make a decision on the first meeting. Give it some time, get to know each other until you feel relaxed in each other’s company. I really feel that being ‘friends first’ and not rushing into something has helped us to really like each other for who we are, and is much deeper than just fancying someone. I thank God every day for blessing us in our relationship, and am trusting God for the future. Thank you Friends 1st for this opportunity, and the encouragement given.”