“Hi Katharine and team, just a short testimony from me. I found your website by accident, a new resident in the surrey area with all the challenges as a single woman. Although i am not a member, your testonies gave me new insights which have enriched my life. It made me realize that there are 100s of people where I live with questions about single life, that anything is possible in relationships and that there is a good God who is very much interested in meeting our needs. Before I was a bit desperate about my life situation, but your website has inspired me to rethink my own situation, I am now more happier and content and enjoying my life. I am a single psychiatrist, solving other peoples single issues all day, but reading through your testomonies, I have a new perspective on my own difficulties as a single woman and GODS way of bringing potencial soulmates together. I appreciate all the success stories, it gave me fresh apprecaition on GODS way of working in our lives, I have a new zest for life and feel inspired and less troubled. Thank you blessings.”