Dear Katherine, Thank you for your encouragement. In matters of my sociality, I lack confidence and therefore drive to get things done, and having some time ago looked at dating agencies I knew these were so far from the Christian ethos as to be outside of my scope. It was only when my Vicar and a friend pointed out that not all agencies were the same – an obvious conclusion one might think, but my experience was that agencies are mostly the same! The Church suggested Friends 1st and because of the references, I decided to give it a go for a year. I knew if I paid monthly, I would probably give up after the second month, so decided to make a year long financial commitment; it’s a short time in a lifetime! Having just joined the company of friends, it is too early to judge the effectiveness of this process. I have a profile and have supplied some photos and have registered for a lunch or dinner in December. It is also too early to say that I would be able to recommend your services, I need to have more experience of the services, but to date the experience is good and I would be able to say I have used the company and been encouraged by Katherine in particular. Kind regards,