Telling others you met via an agency

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Telling others you met via an agency

If one of the reasons putting you off joining a friendship or dating agency is how you’d tell your friends when they ask the inevitable question “How did you two meet” then here are some ways to address it.

If you met through heavenlypartners then we’ll have had a number of conversations with you throughout your membership. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to call us a friend – and then you can tell your friends or family who ask this question “We met through mutual friends” or “A mutual friend introduced us”.
It is after all the truth and is how most people will have met their partner.

Of course you could just be totally upfront and say you met through a friendship or dating agency – after all it’s becoming a totally normal and accepted way of meeting people nowadays – but then if you’d rather keep it quiet that’s absolutely fine too.

Just don’t let this relatively small thing put you off from finding the man or woman of your dreams.