We bang on about contacting other members but it’s  a very hard message to get people to really hear and take on board. I had a call today from a lady who’se wondering why no-one has contacted her. ‘Doesn’t anyone do anything?’ she asked. So I asked her how many people she’d contacted. Only 1 she said (ie 2%) of the people she could have contacted! So I told her everyone else was acting in the same way as she was. Then she told me she was different from everyone else. She was shy, she was older, she was this, she was that. I think finally she realised that she couldn’t expect everyone else to be doing what she wanted them to be doing (ie contacting her) if she wasn’t doing it herself.

We know it’s hard – but it really does work. Make contact, make friends – create your own future. It’s hard work but simple really. Trust us – or rather trust the experience of all the couples that met each other – someone had to make the first move – and none of them found it easy.