Find friendship & romance with these tips from Friends1st.

As the UK’s no.1 offline Christian introduction agency for over a decade we know a thing or six about finding lasting friendship and romance.

Let us take you through our six easy dos when searching for them.

1.    Get out there

The first step of a journey is often the hardest, whether it’s joining an introduction agency like Friends1st, of going out with your friends. Nobody ever made friends, or found love, by sitting indoors hiding away from the world. Your chances of finding friendship and love increase dramatically if you are proactive.

2.    Don’t be afraid

You’ve seen someone you like on an agency mail out, or in your town. Don’t be afraid to talk to them. Strike up a conversation and see where it goes, they may be the person you have been waiting for all your life. Just do it, you won’t regret it.

3.    Stay positive

If you don’t click with somebody on a first date or in a conversation it’s not a problem. Don’t be let down, or doubt yourself. Negativity can be very unattractive when meeting new people so be sure to learn from your experiences, keep your chin up, and put them behind you.

4.    Have an open mind

Don’t make decisions based solely on your preferences. Previous members Ian & Rachel started their romance through Friends1st. Even though Rachel didn’t want to be with a fellow vicar, she found her match in Ian. They have since married and started a family together. Proof that you should be open minded towards new people, even if they don’t seem like “your type”.

5.    Have fun

A search for Christian friendship shouldn’t be a sombre, serious pursuit. It should be an enjoyable journey of laughter and fulfilment. You may be focussed on finding your soul mate but that doesn’t mean you can’t smile and have a good time along the way.

6.    Have faith & keep searching

It’s very rare when looking for companionship that the first person you meet will be your soul mate – it takes time and perseverance to find Christian friendship. Remember “love never fails”, you just need to keep looking.

For more advice on finding romance with other Christians please contact us directly on 0121 371 0384 or email info@HeavenlyPartners.ie.

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