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Heavenly Partners free 4-part video course

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Why should I listen to Katharine?

Katharine set up friendsfirst in 1999, her company has since grown and grown and has become a national company enabling her to bring single Christians together. Friendsfirst is responsible for over 200 people getting married and has many more successful relationships to boast about. The company then expanded in 2017 to Southern Ireland under the name of Heavenly partners with plans to expand even further in the future. Katharine sole dream is to help bring people together and help them build friendships and relationships through tutoring and teaching them the tried and tested methods she has developed over the years. She is an expert in relationships and coaching, she is full of wisdom and offers some very practical advice as well as some ‘out of the box’ thinking. She is no-nonsense and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Katharine’s accredits

* She has been featured on numerous media channels including national television and radio, including articles about her in the ‘Church times’.

* She won the 8th annual ‘Wise woman award’ for running a business that impact the local community in a positive way.

* She is responsible for bringing 100’s of Christians together as friends, partners and successfully married couples.

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