Chris Knott Insurance – your insurance partner for life!

We are always on the look out for additional benefits we can offer members and when we met Tim Slater from Chris Knott Insurance at the Christian Resources Exhibition back in 2005 we knew we had found something very useful for our members. Insurance! We all need it and we all want the best deal we can get – and sometimes with insurance that is hard to find. No longer!

Tim Slater runs a company called Chris Knott Insurance. This company is a christian-based national insurance broker which provide INSURANCE for friends1st. Whatever your insurance needs – car, home, travel and even business insurance – Chris Knott INSURANCE will search the market for you and match your needs to the most suitable policy. It’s the insurance version of finding your soulmate – someone you know is right for you for so many reasons.

Suitability is based on the benefits provided, the competitiveness of the premium and the insurer’s level of service.

We are pleased to offer this money-saving service to friendsfirst members, website visitors and their friends alike – you don’t have to be a member to benefit from our friendsfirst Insurance.

Chris Knott INSURANCE offers consistently affordable rates and is committed to continually save you money – not just when you’re a new client. Chris Knott Insurance wants to become ‘your insurance partner for life’.

10% off car insurance

Probably the most sought after product is car insurance. Chris Knott INSURANCE expects to save you at least 10% on your best quote. So get some quotes together first and then give them a call on 0800 917 2274 quoting ref ‘friendsfirst for your free, no-obligation quotation and find out how much you could SAVE (specific discount subject to individual circumstances – normal underwriting criteria apply).

Up to 30% off Home Insurance

As a Christian, you can also benefit from competitive home insurance through Chris Knott INSURANCE. One particular insurer on their panel has guaranteed a 15% discount on their normal rates PLUS an additional discount of 5% if you’re a church-goer, another 5% if your a non-drinker and yet another 5% discount if you’re a non-smoker – that’s a 30% saving in all!

Again, call FREE on 0800 917 2274 quoting ref ‘friendsfirst’ for your free, no-obligation quotation and find out how much you could SAVE.

Up to 25% off travel insurance

Whether you’re looking for a Single Trip policy or Annual Cover, Chris Knott Insurance couples affordable cover with putting you in total control.

To keep your premium low and to make sure your policy fits your requirements exactly, Chris Knott Insurance allows you to pick and choose the elements of cover you need and remove the options you don’t. For example, you can select from European or Worldwide cover and decide whether to include winter sports, Golf equipment or business travel. You can also choose whether to pay or waive the excess.

Some home insurance policies cover your personal belongings away from home – if yours does, you can save 15% by removing this element of cover from your travel policy. You can also choose to waive the cancellation cover to save a further 10%.

Phone free for a no-obligation insurance quotation

Chris Knott Insurance wants to become your insurance partner for life. With the above discounts, truly independent advice, all the ongoing support you need and a personal service where there are no call centres or automated phone systems, why wouldn’t you give us a call?

Simply call Chris Knott Insurance free on

0800 917 2274

quoting ref ‘friendsfirst’

for your FREE, no-obligation quotation and find out how much you could SAVE. Or complete the form on this page and they’ll give you a ring.

The Chris Knott INSURANCE scheme….

“A valuable additional benefit of being part of the friendsfirst community is the insurance service we have negotiated on your behalf.”

“I gave them a call when my car insurance was due expecting a modest saving but in fact I saved £143!”

Chris Knott Insurance is administered by Chris Knott Insurance who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

* This insurance has nothing to do with the Irish based insurance company called friendsfirst.

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