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‘Top tips for making New Friends and enjoying successful relationships’

Upon joining Heavenly partners you will receive this 32 page guide FREE. It has been designed to help members make to most of your membership and gives specific advice on a huge variety of subjects:

* How to project the best possible image of yourself

* Making first time contact

* How to write letters which invite a response

* How to respond to contact from others

* First time meetings

* Taking friendships forward

You need this book if you are:

* Taking the first step to go out and meet new people

* Beginning to date for the first time

* Re-entering the ‘dating scene’ for the second time around

* Feeling hesitant and unsure how to go about dating

You can purchase a copy if you are not a member for £15.00 Plus P&P

Format: Published book

Payment by: Cheque, cash, credit card

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“What a privilege to read your book. It is really thorough and I am sure it will be of huge value to those already in friendsfirst and even more so to those taking their first steps.” (Kate – Devon)

” I found the guide very useful and it helped me understand some of the more ‘tricky’ aspects of dating this way, such as “Let someone down gently”. I would highly recommend it.” (Chris – Cheltenham)

“friendsfirst’s ‘Top tips’ is very useful because well meaning advice to single people from happily married friends isn’t always helpful. However learning from others in a similar situation is.”(David – Yorkshire)

“The fact that the advice/tips is from members, about what did and didn’t work is a big plus point.”  (Gill – Halifax)

Reader Reviews

“Thank you very much for responding so promptly to my application from.  I’m very impressed with the Top Tips booklet: sensible and thoughtful.”
(Pat, Practice Nurse)

“Your accompanying booklet ‘Top Tips’ – I find that absolutely brilliant – congratulations to you. I’m looking forward to making new friends.”
(Carol, Retired)

“I found the free Top Tips book you sent me at the beginning of my membership very useful and I was able to apply a lot of it to myself.”
(David, Bank Clerk)

“Your Top Tips book has excellent tips in it.”
(Jan, Administrator)

“Your book has been very useful. It gives you the confidence to contact other people and realise that everyone is nervous”.

“Your booklet for tips on making friends really is excellent”
(Jeanne, Organist)                          

“Your Top Tips book is wonderful, some of the points made are so useful”
(Martin, Lawyer)         

“I found reading your top tips booklet very useful and it helped me to feel more confident about starting making contacts”  
(Maureen, Counsellor)

“Your ‘Top Tips’ book is well put together and very useful to someone who has been out of the dating game for a while”
(Joy, Translator)

“I’ve read your ‘Top Tips’ booklet and it really inspired me. It put me onto a completely different wavelength and has really opened my mind up to new possibilities. I really like the way you wrote it.” 
(Jane, Child Minder)

“Thank you for all the literature you’ve sent me on joining Heavenly Partners . I’ve found it really really useful. The ‘Top Tips’ is a great read and it’s got some really sensible advice in it. Writing it was an excellent idea – it’s fantastic. Thank you.”

 “Many thanks indeed for sending me the M&S vouchers – much appreciated! I have just read right through the ‘Top tips’ book, and think it is really excellent, so honest and helpful- and the drawings are wonderful! Thank you again for all your help. Best wishes.”
(Susan, Translator)

“I found your top tips book very practical and very good. A really nice guide.”
(Wendy, RGN)

“Your top tips books was great. The bit on maturing age was excellent and how to write and contact people was very very helpful.”
(Alan, Retired)

“I’m really pleased with the book you sent me. It has a wealth of information in it that is very useful. I found it very good indeed. It’s really helped me to take the bull by the horns and get on with contacting others. It’s been very valuable to me and I’ve also been very encouraged by it.”
(Kevin, Postman)

“It is a good book. It was very helpful with regards to correspondence and how to approach people and how to keep a friendship open. I need it all and it was really helpful. It’s helped me to contact other people.”
(Daniel, Accountant)

“There’s some very valuable content in your top tips book which I found very useful. It’s obvious but sometimes you nee the obvious pointed out to you to make you think about it.”
(Linda, Nurse)

“Many I thought it was very good. It is true that I’m not very good at making friends but it has given me confidence. This kind of thing isn’t easy – sometimes it can be diffcult and embarrassing.”
(Pam, Housewife)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!

“Thank you for encouraging me to increase my age range. If I hadn’t done that we’d have never met”

(Val 61 retired)

I have been enjoying receiving your selection of profiles. The one on March 1st 2010 was sad, because I read you were recovering from a broken ankle. I never forget […]


“I have found it very easy to contact you. Having contact with you really personalises your service. Your service is very friendly and supportive and has given me confidence. I […]

(Monica, University Lecturer)

“I have found your service professional, prompt and helpful. Please renew my membership – I have been very encouraged by the contacts and friendship I have made and my membership […]

(Norman, Curate)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!