How to be the one

‘How to be the one’ by Roy Sheppard

This book is ideal for men and women who prefer not to be single and who take relationships seriously.

Katharine was approached by Roy who is a prominent relationship coach to see if Heavenly Partners , Heavenly partners Parent Company would be interested in his new innovative book, ‘How to be the One’. She read it, and is thrilled to be able endorse this book to any of our members and followers. The proposition is that to find the right partner, you have to be the right partner.

In his book, Roy looks at how people create a ‘wish list’ of the ideal person in their head. They rarely look at whether they actually have the qualities they desire in their ‘ideal’ partner. It is full of constructive advice, observations and wisdom to help you be the best you can be. ‘How to be the one’ makes you look at what you have to bring to a relationship and gives you a more of an understanding of how to connect with your ideal partner. Roy also introduces four key qualities; stability, strength, depth and emotional, which all come under the title of you Emotional Core. Putting all of this together should help you become irresistible.

What qualities do you find alluring?

Out of the following qualities, which do you find the most appealing?

* Kindness

* Consideration

* Loving

* Committed

* Reliable

* Compassionate

* Happy

* Interesting

* Optimistic

* A good sense of humour

* Intelligence

* Physically attractive

How many of these qualities do you have?

If you possessed all of the qualities you desired, why would anyone want to date anyone else once they had met you? Each of us are only a step away from being the “ex” in “n-e-x-t” in the dating world of today.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or marriage, you can study your Emotional Fitness by learning about your Emotional Core and the four key qualities that make this up.

You can adapt the methods into your life and you will immediately see your life beginning to change. If you are single, you will feel more prepared to meet ‘The One’ and if you are in a relationship you will see your relationship improve.

A little bit about Roy

Roy Sheppard is a well-known and accredited Relationship coach. He has helped thousands of people with relationship related issues. He was previously a reporter for the BBC and a journalist in the UK. He regularly guest stars on both UK and American Radio shows giving relationship related advice. His days as a journalist has also given him the opportunity to write for many newspapers, national and regional on the topic of relationships. Roy has also been a guest lecturer for many years at the Cranfield School of Management’s full-time MBA and is a seasoned conference speaker. Building on this he is also now world renowned for being a conference moderator and has worked with a range of global corporations. He is also the author of ‘Meet Greet & prosper’ and ‘Rapid Result Referrals’.

You can purchase this book for £9.50 plus P&P and receive a FREE copy of the Reminders Pocket Book (while stocks last)

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Pocket Reminders Book

Here is an extract from the Pocket Reminders Book which will accompany your copy of ‘How to be the one’ when you purchase this book though us.


  • Stop comparing yourself with anybody else. Especially don’t compare anyone’s looks, size or success. Ever. They are who they are, you are who you are.
  • Stop taking your bad moods out on any innocent bystanders, especially those who are closest to you.
  • Refuse point blank to be a victim for anything.
  • Stop seeing people who put you down. That includes people you may currently think of as friends. Gradually phase them out of your life and replace them with positive, upbeat and kinder people.
  • Stop fantasising about what your life should be. It is what it is. And that’s OK.
  • Every moment you think about any ‘ex’s’ and what could have been is another moment stolen from your life.
  • Don’t pretend. Be.


  • Decide to make it a priority in your life to like yourself more. Notice more of what’s good about yourself. Remind yourself of this as often as you can. Do it every day.
  • Start noticing the good in people.
  • If you find yourself thinking fondly of someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, don’t keep it to yourself. Get in touch and tell them why you have done so.
  • Happiness is a choice, and is free to anyone who embraces it. So embrace it.
  • Happy people recognise ‘enough’. Enough is their friend. They don’t always need ‘more’.
  • Demonstrate how much you care. Prove it, don’t just say it.
  • See more in others than they see in themselves.
  • Be fully aware of ‘now’. Stop and become aware of this right now while you are reading these words on this page. This moment is your life.
  • It’s your choice: good mood or bad mood.

What the press have to say!

The press have been very impressed with Roy’s book, just have a look below to see what they all have to say.

Readers Feedback

“I’ve read a lot of relationship books over the years. This one is different. I learned LOADS, especially about my emotional fitness. Thank you.”

“I have been in a relationship for three years. He’s a lovely guy but I found myself feeling more and more irritated by him. I read this book and got a shock. I realised it was me not him. He’s The One. I now want to make sure I’m The One for him.”

“I LOVE the Daily Stop and Start Reminders.”

“…made me think about what I want from a long term partner and how I can be a more considerate person to her too. All I have to do now is meet her.”

“…very impressed by the amount of research. It’s a fabulous read and well though out and structured… it certainly takes the reader on a voyage of self discovery…for me it is your personal stories I particularly enjoyed”.

“Please suspend my membership – God has brought a lovely Christian women into my life. There’s none more surprised than me, but I know He keeps his promises even if […]

(Joseph, Paramedic)

“Although it is very early in my membership, I feel that I have joined a really caring organisation”

(Linda, Retired)

“I have not renewed my membership this year. This is because I have started to see someone (who I met through you) regularly. It may be that the postal strikes […]

(Anne, Primary school teacher)

“Your service has been good. It has been a wonderful experience to fellowship with other believers. I thank you for your services throughout the year. I have chosen not to […]

(John, Chartered Surveyor)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!

“I think your service is excellent and I have really appreciated the personal touch. I have been very happy at the prompt and helpful response to my requests for assistance. […]

(Ellen – Admin Assistant)

“ I love talking to you. You are so understanding ”

(Diana, Auxiliary Nurse)

“I’ve tried so many agencies but had no success at all.  I’m going to rejoin you now because your service was much more personal.”

(Ruth, Novelist)

“I have found your service both modern and professional. Thanks for your help.”

(Jillian, Technical Consultant)

How to be the One

Serious about relationships - then this book is for you!