Professional Christian Dating Photo shoots for Heavenlypartners members

Our professional Christian Dating photo shoots are one of our most popular features of membership, which is now included in all membership packages.  Not only is it a fun day out (even for those who hate having their photo taken), but most importantly your profile will include some really decent photographs of you which, whether you like it or not, is important.  We could wax lyrical about this all day – but we’ve been utterly amazed at the difference that truly decent photographs make to members’ profiles and the resulting response they get from other members.

Snaps of yourself are all very well – but they are nothing compared to what a professional can do. We’re not talking fake magazine type makeovers here – no we’re talking photographs that show the true you in all your glory – and trust us – we’ve never seen a photograph of anyone done professionally that hasn’t looked fantastic.

It’s truly the opposite of passport photos – have you ever seen one that didn’t make the person look like a criminal? To what a passport photograph is to BAD, a professional photograph is to GOOD.

Hopefully you now understand the importance of good photos.

Now here are some Instructions to get the most out of your professional Christian dating photo shoots

You’ll have received information from a member of the friends1st team giving you the contact details of your photographer.

1. Contact them as soon as you can to arrange a mutually conviennent time for your shoot to take place.

2. The photographer will be sending us five of the pictures they take of us to use on your profile (subject to your membership level) so you need to plan what pictures they’ll take.

3. We’ll want to put one really good head and shoulder picture. The other pictures work best if they illustrate what you do in your life.  So we recommend that take some props along to have in the picture with you to reflect to other members things you enjoy doing. In the past members have taken along things like song sheets, hiking boots, painting brushes – even a cup of tea and a good book! Take whatever reflects your personality best – be as creative as you want!

4. Discuss your ideas with the photographer when you book your call – just to make sure they are happy with your bringing large or unusual items (for example a cello, or a large pet dog!)

5. Don’t worry about feeling nervous. It’s quite normal and the photographer is quite used to this and will set you at your ease. It’s all part of why they are professionals and why the pictures they’ll take exceed any snaps you may have of yourself.

6. Finally enjoy your photoshoot session. Most people do even those who think they won’t!

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Professional Christian Dating Photo shoots