It’s up to me!

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Successful membership tips | 0 comments


I recently rented a field to put some animals in and now I need to get it fenced. I’ve had the field for about 5 months now and but it’s still not fenced! Secretely I keep hoping some fencing contractors will magically ring me up out of the blue and tell me they know I want the field fenced and suggest they come and do it.

Rationally of course I know this just isn’t going to happen however much I wish it would. If that field is going to get fenced then I have to get off my proverbial and do something about it.

If it’s going to be….. it’s up to me.

And it’s the same for you with your membership of Heavenly Partners .

Are you waiting for other people to contact you?

Well if you are, you could be waiting a long time.

Instead like my fencing project you have to take action yourself. With your membership you just have to detemine that you are going to make contact with others, set some dedicated time aside and just do it!

And like my fencing project, once I start it, it’ll probably happen very easily. And it’ll be the same for you. But making that first move is so important.

Why not do it now