In life it’s never too late for love…

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In life it’s never too late for love…

A series of radio interviews resulted in my making an amazing discovery…..

I guess if you have even the slightest bit of awareness of current affairs and what goes on in the news, you couldn’t help but have heard the scandal that went on about the online dating site – Ashley Maddison – whose website was hacked, with the threat that all members details would be made public – and not just their names but their credit card details as well. A true form of blackmail and desperately shocking for the members involved – not least because all of them were on the site for the sole purpose of finding and having an affair and suddenly it was likely their partners were going to find out the reality of what was going on.  I found it all deeply shocking and I’m sure you share my feelings about sites like this and the people on them.  I’m sure God weeps over us!

Anyway a number of radio stations were interested in talking to me about our views and thoughts on the subject and of course also interested in how Heavenly Partners operated – especially since they quickly picked up on the fact that we operate in an entirely off line way. This led to 4 radio interviews around the country – a number of which also wanted to hear from couples that had successfully married through us.

Now in Derbyshire – we’ve had 4 couples get married, so I duly started calling those members to ask them if they’d be willing to join me on the programme. One such couple was Eric and Margaret who met and married through Heavenly Partners in 2004. I remembered them well as Eric and I had had a number of conversations on the phone before and during his membership and I’d been struck by what a live wire he was – being more like a fifty year old than an eighty year old. We were so delighted when he and Margaret got married – not least because of how lovely he was but also because he was our oldest member at the time to get married.

I remembered they’d had quite an age gap – Margaret being 76 and Eric 86 and since this was all 11 years ago I thought to myself “Well,  Eric will probably have died by now but I’ll see if I can talk to Margaret.”

So I duly rang their number and found myself talking to Eric’s son. He passed on the sad news that Margaret had died on Boxing Day but his father was still very much alive. What a joy it was to talk to him again – and he hadn’t changed one bit. He was still full of life, interested in so much around him and still passionate about God and His direction for his life. It came as no surprise to me then when I subsequently heard that a young presenter from Radio Derbyshire had spent nearly 2 hours interviewing him at his home near Belper and had completely fallen in love with him! (They went on to do a whole programme on him alone due to what a lovely and interesting man he is!)

Now the point of all this is really to tell you that Eric – at 97 – hasn’t given up on the Lord bringing another lovely companion into his life – and although he didn’t want to actively rejoin us again – he was certainly open to us introducing him to anyone that wanted to meet him. Perhaps that’s not surprising such is his total faith in God’s direction in his life – looking back and seeing how God has provided for all his needs in the past.

So if you’d like us to introduce you to Eric please do get in touch with the office and we can effect an introduction. He’s one of the loveliest men you’ll meet and I’m sure becoming a friend would be a blessing in your life.

It all just goes to show that it’s never too late for love whatever age you are….. and if you’ll just let God direct your path, then life will always be an interesting journey.