The quick and easy guide from the UK’s No.1 offline Christian Dating Agency Friends1st.

Let’s be honest, we could write a book on first dates, but why bother when all the best advice is simple enough to be broken down into 5 easy points.

Barring the obvious like “be polite and courteous” here are the things you should be doing that are completely within your power.

1. Preparation

Like many other aspects of life, preparation is key to meeting someone on a first date. Make sure you are looking smart, smelling fresh & have brushed your teeth.

2. Smile

The natural reaction to a smile is to smile back. Even if you are nervous a smile between yourself and your date can break the tension.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

This shows that you are interested and engaged with them, whether they are talking or listening. Just make sure you aren’t staring.

4. Body Language

Be aware of your body language. Folded arms make you seem closed, yawning is forbidden. Open hands and arms show that you are relaxed and a more open person.

5. Stay Positive

Everybody has a had it tough at some point in their lives, but don’t carry the negativity with you into a date. Focus on positive conversation and experiences. That way your date will remember you in a positive way.

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