How to Create a Link in a Facebook Status Update

Social media is a great way to tell your friends about something and you can add a link to your Facebook status update to allow you to share a web pages that you think might be of interest to them (like friends1st!) Here’s how to do that.

Open a new window your Web browser and navigate to Facebook.com. Log in to your account using the form in the upper right corner.

Click on your name in the navigation bar at the top of the page to go to your profile.

Click inside the text field marked “What’s on Your Mind,” which is located right above your Facebook wall. Type the status update that you want to include with the link. Type or paste the URL of the Web page that you want to share into the text field. Include the “https://” section of the URL. This is where you’d put your Unique Tracking Link that we gave you if you wanted to link to the Heavenly Partners home page.

Press the spacebar and wait while Facebook automatically links the URL and adds a preview image and paragraph to the link. Click the blue “Post” button to update your Facebook status with the link.

Having entered the URL of a Web page into your Facebook posting field, Facebook automatically links it to the page and adds an image and short preview of the Web page to help catch your friends’ interest and add visual appeal to the post. There’s no limit to the number of ‘linked’ posts you can make.

Creating a link on your website using website editing tools.

Most websites use some sort of user software to help users without detailed knowledge of web programming edit their sites easily.

Software differs but most will provide a means whereby you EDIT the page you want to amend.

Once in editing mode you would highlight the TEXT you want to LINK (for example the words Click here or simply friends1st) and then click a LINK button icon that probably looks

like this:  . This icon will then bring up a bar or specific place for you to add in the Web address of where you want the link to send people to (in our case the unique tracking link we’ve provided you with.) You’d then click update/ or save, and then check the link works as you expect it to by going to your updated page and clicking the link yourself.

Creating a link on your website using HTML.

If you don’t have an editing programme you could simply amend the HTML yourself by switching to HTML mode. Only read the rest of this part if you want or need to edit HTML!

Here’s an example of what an HTML link looks like: The code below would create a link to the Heavenly Partners home page. The https part looks more complex than simply https://heavenlypartners.ie because it is a tracking link – i.e this link tracks who visits our site from this link and connects that behaviour to you (which is how commissions are assigned to you)

<A HREF=”https://to123.isrefer.com/go/ffsite/paul/“>Click Here to find out about friends1st</A>

Here’s What’s Happening

  • A stands for Anchor. It starts the link to another page.
  • HREF stands for Hypertext REFerence. That’s a nice, short way of saying to the browser, “This is where the link is going to go.”
  • https://to123.isrefer.com/go/ffsite/paul/ is the FULL ADDRESS (URL) of the link.
  • NB paul/ is a ‘fictionary’ referral partner – you’d need to put your unique referral code/username you received from us here instead of paul.
  • Also notice that the address has an equal sign in front of it and is enclosed in quotes. Why? Because it’s an attribute of the Anchor tag, which is a command inside of a command.
  • Where it reads “Click Here to find out about friends1st” is where you write the text that you want to appear on the page. The text in that space will appear on the page for the viewer to click. So write something that denotes the link.
  • /A ends the entire link command.

What To Write For The Link?

There are a couple different schools of thought on this. One suggests that what you write for links should be quite blatant. This includes text like “Click here for this” or “Here’s a link to…”. The other states that since the hypertext links will be blue (or whatever color they’re set to), the links should be just another word in the text set up as a link. So it’s really up to you.


Here are some suggestions for the words you might use:



Friends1st – Christian introductions

Click here to find out about the off line Christian introduction service friends1st

We’re proud to be associated with friends1st

Looking for love – meet someone through friends1st


Use whatever words fit best with your site/customers.