Godly Husband

You are a woman with a Christian faith. You would like to find a husband, and a godly husband is top of your list of criteria. How do you go about choosing a Godly husband? That is what we want to address in this article.

Many young women are told to simply “Date a Christian”. But not all Christian men are equal and certainly not all of them are living out their faith with the dedication that perhaps you want.

Chances are that when you were growing up you would hear your parents or older people that were invested in your life telling you how to choose a godly husband. My dad always told me when I was growing up: “Find a guy who loves God more than he loves you, and loves you more than I love you.”

While what he said was wise advice, but at the time, I ignored it. I didn’t realise the importance of what my Dad was telling me and I figured that as long as I found a good guy, that would be enough. Well a number of relationships later, just being a “good guy” doesn’t cut it. Certainly not if your Christian faith really means anything to you or affects how you live your live.

Remember that God has a plan for your life and that includes a plan for your love life.

So most importantly keep God abreast of your dating journey, your hopes, your ups and downs. Keep him in the loop and keep letting him know what you want. A very close follow up to this is keep listening to what He is saying to you. It may be different to what’s in your heart – if you have the ears and heart to hear!

We’re assuming here that the man does profess a Christian faith. If you’re looking for a godly husband, that is your start point. Don’t think that any man will do and you’ll convert him to your faith after you’ve gone up the aisle. This may work for a tiny percentage of people – but it’s not the wise thing for 99.9% of women to do.

With that base covered, then here are six points to get you going in assessing whether that man you are seeing fits the bill in terms of being a potential godly husband.

  1. My future husband is a practicing Christian believer.
  2. God is the centre of my future husband’s life.
  3. My future husbands current life has evidence of his Christian faith in it.
  4. My future husband model his life on Jesus’s life – he looks to be like him.
  5. My future husband honours God with his body.
  6. My future husband has strong conviction on the sacredness of fidelity.

Our advice would be to assess these things in man before you get emotionally involved with them. Because once you are emotionally involved, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees – and you may well overlook (or not want to see) some characteristic is very important for your final decision making.

So let’s assume the man you are seeing has all these characteristics. He may not be perfect but he’s certainly on a good Christian path.

Next introduce him to your friends, family and church family. They will certainly be objective – and can help you assess whether he is godly and is the right man for you.

Ultimately, what we all need is to listen carefully to God’s Spirit and His prompting. He can give us the wisdom we need to know whether to move forward, to know whether or not marry a specific person, or to know if we just need to wait and let Him work on some things in us (or them) first. His voice is the one we need the most!

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions on the topic, or want any further advice about Christian dating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email, social media or best by picking up the phone and talking to us directly.