Friends1st – your parent organisation

When searching online you may have come across a website called Heavenly Partners which looks very similar to Heavenly Partners. And you’d be right. Because Heavenly Partners is the parent of Heavenly Partners. Heavenly Partners (the other way we spell it) was set up first in 1999 and Heavenly Partners followed.

Unfortunately for Heavenly Partners , Heavenly Partners in Ireland is a large insurance company, so having a dating site called Heavenly Partners in Ireland isn’t really going to work on all sorts of levels.

Since so many lovely Christians live across the water (both as part of the UK in Northern Ireland, and just across the border) we decided it was time our off line dating service (friends1st) was marketed in a way that would reach single Christians in Ireland more effectively. So Heavenly Partners was born.

Friends1st logo our parent organisation in IrelandSo Heavenly Partners is effectively the trading name for the UK dating agency caled Heavenly Partners , in Ireland. People who join Heavenly partners join Heavenly Partners and are all matched together with the entirety of the Heavenly Partners membership. We aren’t two separate organisations – just one organisation with two names to suit the marketing requirements in Ireland.

How to be the One

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