Focus on one thing

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Successful membership tips, Tips for dating | 0 comments

Another lesson I’ve learnt from the Ben Hunt Davis book (“Will it make the boat go faster?”) is the power of attention. Basically you focus on what you pay attention to. Now what you pay attention to changes.
In Ben’s case, other than just ‘going rowing’ they used each training session to work on something specific. It was generally just one thing – for example the position of the blade in the water on each stroke.
They’d get that right and then move onto the next thing,.
Now we can use this approach to dating too.
Take going to events as an example.
You can just go…. and see how they go…. or you can pay attention to one particular aspect of your time there.
For example you could pay attention to just how much you are talking and how much you are listening. Youl could pay attention to how much you are making others laugh. You could pay attention to how much your conversation is engaging others.
You can’t pay attention to it all – but you can pay attention to one thing at a time, look at it, analyse it and work on it.
It’s a good strategy and worth trying in any area of your dating life.
Pay attention to one thing over the next month and see the difference it will make.