Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle

Are you living in Ireland or Northern Ireland and looking to mingle with other Christians? We know it can be tough at times to find other Christians to mingle with, but at Heavenly Partners you will find like-minded singles who share your beliefs. We are here to help you find someone who’s meant for you.

This is is dating for Catholics and other Christians with a difference as we are completely OFFLINE (except for this information here)!

Christian Mingle – Find single men or woman with Heavenly Partners

With lots of online dating sites, what are the advantages of choosing Heavenly Partners? Well, we are completely offline and offer a very personalised service. Everyone who joins us is here for the same thing: a chance at finding long-lasting love. but we don’t just leave you to your own devices. We are help to proactively help you every step of the way. From your first telephone call with us, or first email, to the point you join and then all the way through your membership, we are here to help you successfully meet, mingle and get to know other Christians.

Mingling with Other Christians: Starting Off…

With internet dating sites becoming increasingly popular, it is important to select the right organisation for you. If you value finding like-minded matches, and are looking for a serious relationship, and you want an organisation with a great track record, then you are in the right place! We are confident that with Heavenly Partners you will be able to find someone who you have a great connection with.

The next step is the most exciting one: finding out if we are right for you (and you for us!).  Start right now by finding out if we have members who live in your area by completing the form below and we will get in touch.


Find out if we have Christians or Catholics living close to you!

If you are a single Christian or Catholic looking for then please fill in the form below & we will get in touch with the answer.

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Find out if we have other Christians living close to you!

Christian Mingle