Meet genuine rural and country people.

Meeting other genuine Christians is hard – and if you are a farmer with a busy life committed to your farm it can seem like an impossible task. The romanticised image of farming is one where rugged farmers and fresh-faced farmgirls are forever flirting in the fields. Yet, the truth is very different. Firstly less than 10% of UK farm operators are under 35. The average age for farmers is currently 59. Second farmers generally live in rural, sparsely populated areas – certainly not populated by masses of farmgirls! Third, finding people who are genuine about meeting up and making friends with the desire to find a life partner is not easy. It iss even harder in the rural, less densely populated parts of our country. Indeed, when your nearest neighbour is several miles away, and when you already know all the singles in your nearest small town you are hardly going to meet someone by chance are you? For all these reasons, a new approach to rural dating is needed. And that is why so many Christian farmers in the UK are turning to Friends1st, and offline dating service we offer, to meet someone special.

Christian farmers dating on tractorBrowse further around our site to find out all about us. Pick up the phone and talk to us – we can tell you about our service and how it will work for you as a busy farmer. Complete the form to find out where our members are and we will get in touch with you. You have taken the first step to do something about being on your own and finding a partner. It’s a great first step and we look forward to taking all the next steps with you. We can’t wait to start introducing you to lovely people and finding the right person for you.