Silver Membership

Our Silver Membership is our ‘starter pack’ membership. Its ‘all included’ features are designed to make sure your membership is a success. This service will help you meet Christian singles.

These include:

  • A handcrafted pen portrait of you (your profile)
  • Two photographs included in your profile
  • 3 methods for others to contact you (phone, email, letter)
  • 10 minute dedicated 1:1 with our dating expert
  • Complimentary copy of the ‘Top Tips’ book
  • Your profile circulated to members every month
  • Personal support by telephone
  • Specific dating book relevant for your marital status
  • Members’ exclusive magazine – Cloudnine
  • Members profiles sent to you every 3 months
  • Access to all our Club dining events
  • Letter/communication/photo critique
  • Regular motivational email
  • Access to view other members’ video profiles

With this silver membership, we’ll hand craft your profile (from the information you give us on your application form) and include two photographs on it. We’d recommend one recent head and shoulders one of you and then another illustrating something you enjoy doing in your life. Your profile will include a box number (for people to write to you – through us – so that your personal address is never displayed) and the option to include an email address and telephone number. It’s totally your choice.

We’ll offer you an (optional) complimentary photo shoot with a professional photographer within your local vicinity. This ensures you’ll have fabulous photos on your profile – and what’s more it’s a fun thing to have done (however much you hate having your photo taken!)

Before your silver membership starts, along with your own profile to review, you’ll be sent our ‘Top Tips for making friends and having successful relationships’ book, and a further book relevant to your marital status. This will be either ‘How to be the One’; Risking Romance Again – Dating after Divorce’ or ‘Looking for love the second time round – A guide for widows and widowers’. All fabulous material to get you started on your journey on the right foot, in the right frame of mind, and giving you all the tools and advice you need to make your membership a success – i.e helping you find that special person.Once you’re happy with your profile, and it’s been authorized for publication, it will be sent to the members in your specified age criteria every month. In turn you’ll receive members profiles every three months starting immediately. You’ll always know who has had your profile. Membership is for a minimum period of 12 months.During your membership we’ll be available to you by telephone to make sure everything is going as it should – we may even give you a ‘kick up the backside’ if necessary to help you be proactive – just making sure you are getting out and about and meeting all the people we’ve introduced you to. You’ll have access to us whenever you need it – so if you ever have a question, query or just want to discuss something, you can be sure that we’ll be here to help.

On a bi monthly basis you’ll receive our members only newsletter Cloudnine through the post. Like everything else we send you, no-one but you will know what it is – and we’ve designed it in such a way so that you should you leave it lying around the house, family or friends won’t know you’re a part of Heavenly Partners because of it.

Our silver membership includes unlimed places at our dining events – these take place monthly and will either be lunchtime or evening events. It’s a chance for you to join other members for a delicious lunch or dinner and some heart encouraging chat. it’s a great way to meet people informally – and you never know you may meet your soul mate unexpectedly. You’ll certainly make new friends that’s for sure!

Also included in this membership is to have any piece of communication you intend to send to another member, professionally critiqued by Katharine Gray – our Director who has 18 years of experience helping people make friends and long term relationships successfully. She’ll tell you what’s good, bad or downright ugly about your letter or email and help you get it right – making it more interesting, making sure you create a fabulous first impression and get the results you want. Alternatively have your photos critiqued – are they doing you the justice you deserve and are they making your profile stand out and appealing to others?

With our regular motivational email we’ll make sure you stay 100% focused on the goal you’re looking to reach. We aim not to let you get side tracked or disheartened if you don’t find Mr or Miss Right on Day 1. With our bi weekly email dropping into your inbox they’ll keep you energised and focused, giving you great idea’s, pauses for thought and plenty to keep you motivated.

Any member who’s got a video profile of themselves will have a unique video code on their profile which members receive as part of their profile mailing. Put this unique code into the members’ only section of our website and you’ll be able to watch that members’ video.

Silver Membership

Our Members

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“Apart from those queries, thank you for making your online application easy to complete.”


I find all the information you give in your material and on your website very comfortable and safe. What you are doing is great.

(Sharon, Community Nurse)

“You and Julia have been so nice to me. You haven’t pressurized me into joining but have let me take my own good time which I have done.”

(Preston, Retired)

“Please accept my cheque to renew my membership. I’ve got the courage now I never had in my 20’s and 30’s. You provide a good service.”

(Ruth, Secretary)

Our Members

Find out if we have other Christians living close to you!