Platinum Membership

Our Platinum Membership is for those who really do want to work hard, learn and be proactive. Every part of this Platinum Membership is designed to help you in all areas of building friendships and relationships.

To make your membership a success our Platinum membership includes:

  • An enhanced profile written for you following a telephone interview
  • A professional photo shoot, to help you stand out from the crowd
  • 6 photographs featured on your profile
  • 4 ways for other members to contact you (phone, email, web app or letter)
  • A dedicated Heavenly Partners email address
  • A dedicated 30 minute coaching call with our dating expert
  • Monthly circulation of your profile
  • Profiles sent to you every month
  • Complimentary ‘Top tips’ book included in your Welcome Pack
  • Complimentary dating book which is specifically for you marital status
  • Personal support by telephone
  • Bi-monthly exclusive members’ magazine – Cloudnine
  • Letter, photo or communication critique
  • Bi-weekly motivational emails full of helpful information
  • Access to view other members’ video profiles
  • Video profile of you view-able by other members
  • Our exclusive ‘Finding Someone Special’ Toolkit

The Platinum membership allows us to hand craft your profile, this will be based on the answers you give us on your application form. We will include four photos and would recommend a recent head and shoulders shot along with a further 3 with you doing something you enjoy – this will help illustrate who you are as a person. We offer a (optional) professional photo shoot with one of our expert photographers in your area. This means you will have some wonderful photos on your profile and it’s also fun thing to have done (however much you dislike having your photos taken!). We will also create your own unique ‘box number’ which will enable people to write to you securely, through us, meaning your personal address is never displayed. The mail sent to us is secure and personal, we will never read this unless you have specifically requested us to. You also have the option to include up to three telephone numbers (daytime, evening and mobile) on your profile and an email address, preferably your Heavenly Partners one, the choice is yours.

We are very hot on security and the protection of our members. This is why we offer the Heavenly Partners email address. It is normally your profile name followed by your box number. Our service uses a clever system that re-routes the email straight in to your personal inbox eliminating the need to create new email accounts. This then allows you to include an email address on your profile which is secure and without making your personal email public. We especially recommend this if your surname is included in your own email address.

Upon receipt of your application form either by post or electronically, we will arrange a 30 minute telephone interview with you. This allows us to delve in to who you are and go in to the information you have already given us in more detail. We really want to put across how unique you are and our experts will write a profile that makes you stand out from the crowd. You will be amazed at the difference this makes, with a really interesting profile it will make contact so much easier!

Once your membership has started you will shortly receive your welcome pack. This will include a copy of your ‘basic’ profile for you to review (unless we have already emailed you a copy), a copy of your complimentary ‘Top Tips’ book for making friends and successfully entering into a relationship. You will also receive a complimentary copy or either ‘How to be the one’, ‘Risking Romance again – Dating after Divorce’ or ‘Looking for love the second time round – A guide for widows or widowers’. They are all chosen to help you begin your journey on the right footing, make sure your frame of mind is in the right place and help to make your membership work for you – i.e. help you to find a special person.

As your Platinum Membership begins and you are happy with your profile, it will then be sent to other members within your specified age criteria each month. You will then receive profiles, through the post, every month starting at the beginning of the first full month of your membership. e.g. you join on the 15th June, you will receive your first set of profiles in the first week of July. Your membership is for a minimum of 12 months thus eliminating the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ attitude.

Throughout your membership we are available on the telephone to ensure your membership is working for you as it should. We call you to see how you are and may even give you a ‘little kick up the backside’ if required to encourage you to make the most of your membership and be proactive. We want you to make the most of the advice, coaching and contact you are given. Our most successful members are proactive and change their lives because of this. We are here if you need us, even though it may seem like a ‘silly’ question, there is no such thing – we are here for you.

‘Cloudnine’ is our exclusive members’ only magazine, packed full of enlightening stories, dating tips and much more! It has been specifically designed so that even if you leave it around the house, friends and family will not be able to see that you are a member of Heavenly Partners. It will also come in a discreet envelope, through the post on a bi-monthly basis.

I am sure we all believe we write a wonderful introduction letter/email but experience has told us this is always not the case! Included in your membership is our exclusive ‘Communication Critique’ service. Have you ever found you don’t get replies? We are here to give you our honest opinion on your letters – warts and all! We will also give you advice on how to make your communication sound interesting, invite a response and stand out from the crowd. We want you to make the right first impression (as these last), and we can help you do this.

With our regular motivational emails, we will also ensure you stay focused. You are aiming for a goal and we don’t want you to get side-tracked or disheartened. By receiving these emails, it will help you remain 100% set on the goal you want to achieve. You may not find Mr or Miss Right on day one and it can sometimes feel down hearted but these emails are designed to give you information, keep you up-beat, pause for though and keep you motivated.

As good as your enhanced profile will be, it won’t be able to bring you to life the way in which a video can. Included in the Platinum membership is the opportunity to make a short video of yourself which other members will be able to access and view through our website. You will be given a unique video code which is then included on your profile allowing other members to see your video in a secure environment. We will offer guidance on what to talk about, how best to present yourself and we will also be able to edit it as per your wishes to make sure you stand out from the crowd. One member reported to us “I was contacted by a member who was sent my profile and he said he’d seen my video profile and ‘had to contact me’! So we met up last Friday and got on so well that we will probably meet up again. I feel that doing the video profile is well worth doing”.

You will of course, be able to view our other members’ video profiles.

After many years of experience, guiding and coaching (since 1999!), Katharine decided to put all of her wisdom, learning and experience in one place a created the ‘Finding Someone Special’ toolkit. This is a comprehensive guide and resource to the art and science of finding your soul mate. It is relevant to all whatever your back ground, age or marital history. We guarantee that within this huge practical toolkit full of essential learning that you will find at least one section that will help you along your journey to achieving your relationship goals. YOU deserve happiness and every section is tried and tested – it WORKS! Click Finding Someone Special for more information on what an amazing resource this is.

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Platinum Membership

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Find out if we have other Christians living close to you!