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The nature of our service is personal. What we mean by this is that we talk to all our enquirers – it’s the beginning of our relationship with you. That’s why we ask for your telephone number on this form – and we’ll use it to give you a quick call to introduce ourselves. You see with us it’s personal… we’re not a bunch of geaks controlling a massive online dating site that’s impersonal and often full of spammers, fraudsters and fakes. You want to know that we are real human beings that care about our service. We want to know you that are a genuine individual. So if we can’t get hold of you, then please understand that a brochure won’t be posted out.

“It was lovely speaking to you both today, I feel more confident about using the service, and re-assured that I am going to make some new friendships which will change […]

(Sarah, Business Development Mgr)

“I never needed to talk to you during my 2 years of membership but it was really helpful to know that I could talk to someone if I needed to. […]

(Diana, Customer Services Advisor)

“Your service has been good. It has been a wonderful experience to fellowship with other believers. I thank you for your services throughout the year. I have chosen not to […]

(John, Chartered Surveyor)

Thank you very much for the number of contacts I received this month, with the various ages. I am so pleased – it lifted my spirits up. Thank you very […]

(Lizette,  Advisor for volunteering)