Be a blessing

by | Mar 2, 2011 | Dating and faith | 0 comments


I was part of a group planning a joint service last night and we were looking at Genesis 12 – the Call of Abram. We focused on how God promised Abram things that were completely out of his comprehension but were dependent on his walking in faith, moving out of his comfort zone and trusting in God’s word. God promised to make him a great nation, promised him many blessings and promised him that he’d be a great blessing himself. But Abram had to get walking to get there. I am sure that this piece of scripture can be applied to ourselves too – God wants to bless us and wants us to be a blessing to others, but we have to get walking – get doing whatever God asks (or even what we think he might be asking) to start to receive his blessing.

In a dating and friendship context, just the mere act of contacting other members can be a great blessing to them. Reach out, take an interest in someone else, make contact, brighten up their day -whether that’s with a phone call or letter – and I’m sure you will bless them. Bless others and I know God will bless you.